February 10, 2019
Kate Middleton Stuns In White One-Shoulder Gown, Updo

Kate Middleton and Prince William enjoyed an evening at the 2019 BAFTA Awards in London on February 10. The couple arrived hand in hand dressed to the nines to take on the red carpet. While Prince William looked dashing in a fitted suit, Duchess Kate drew all eyes to her in a stunning ensemble. She was a vision in white in an off the shoulder gown that flowed to the floor with ruffles. The outfit was made even more glamorous by flower embellishments around the lining. As always, Middleton's hair was precise and perfect, prepared for the event in a sophisticated updo, according to Elle Magazine.

The royal pair's entrance into the awards was shared on the Kensington Royal official Instagram account. On the page's story, Middleton and Prince William are seen smiling as they cross the red carpet to a swarm of camera flashes. Even the most celebrated stars of London rose in their seats as the couple entered, the room's focus solely on them.

The BAFTA awards, or British Academy Film Awards, are celebrating their 72nd ceremony. The event draws together some of the most successful actors and actresses Britain has to offer. This year's event will be celebrated at Royal Albert Hall in London and English actress Joanna Lumley will be the host. Lumley has secured several of her own BAFTA awards throughout the years and said she was honored to take on the role of host prior the ceremony. However, she wanted to let everyone know that she has no intention of stealing the show, according to AOL.

"I'm really just literally the host. It's a good word, the host: it means make sure everybody is happy. My thrill of accepting this honour of presenting is because I adore film. The excellence of films is what I adore: the whole of the BAFTA film awards is about the brilliance of performances direction, art direction, costumes."
Middleton and Prince William have front row seats as this year's winners are announced. Films that are expected to receive special recognition at the ceremony are The Favourite, Bohemian Rhapsody and Beast. The Favourite is set in 18th century England and follows Queen Anne's rise to the throne. Olivia Colman takes on the coveted role of Queen Anne herself and stars alongside Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone.

Since the films release in December 2018, it has enjoyed massive success, already earning Colman a Golden Globe award for Best Actress. Tonight Britain awaits to see if the film will secure further wins at the BAFTA Awards.