‘Ex On The Beach’ Star Angela Babicz Talks About Her Time On The Dating Show

MTV has a new Bad Girl on its hands. Angela Babicz became popular after appearing on Season 15 of Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club but it seems the reality TV star is ready to take over another network. Angela has previously appeared on MTV’s The Challenge and on Season 1 of the network’s new dating show, Ex on the Beach. Now, the former Bad Girl is back on the second season of Ex on the Beach and she has recently opened up about her experience on the show, according to a report from MTV News.

During the first season of the show, Angela met and immediately hit it off with housemate Tor’i Brooks. The pair managed to overcome the temptations of the beach house along with all the obstacles the game threw at them and took their romance to the real world. Unfortunately, their love story ended as quickly as it started and Angela ended up airing the couple’s dirty laundry out on social media, including the fact that Tor’i allegedly emptied her bank accounts while she was away filming The Challenge.

The couple ultimately called it quits but Tor’i might be out for a bit of revenge, according to his cast bio on MTV’s website. And now that Angela is back in the house, it probably won’t be too long before her ex makes an appearance. Angela doesn’t seem too worried about Tor’i or any of her other exes though.

“I’m here to save these boys from the lame girls in the house,” she said, during the first episode back on the show, according to the MTV News report.

“Season 2 was so much more stressful than Season 1, by a mile,” she continued. “We had fight night every night, and the Shack of Secrets was on a whole other level. It was just a way different experience. I’m kind of glad I got to experience it, but kind of not.”

And speaking of fights, Angela definitely got into it with her roomies on her first night in the house. After picking fellow Bad Girl Janelle’s ex for a one-on-one session, Janelle got jealous and made a couple of snide comments about Angela. The comments eventually got back to Angela and she decided to confront Janelle. At the end of the episode, the two women were locked in a heated exchange and from the looks of it, there will be punches thrown in the next episode.

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Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham was also on the dating show but she was quickly voted off after an altercation with another roommate, according to Pop Culture. It was Farrah’s absence that made room for Angela to rejoin the gang.

Ex on the Beach airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on MTV.