'Celebrity Big Brother:' Tom Green Thinks He'll Receive Apologies From Houseguests

Tom Green is enjoying his time outside of the Celebrity Big Brother house after being evicted on Friday night's episode. Tom racked up his share of enemies, even though he wasn't planning on it. There was an unexpected amount of tension between Tom and his roommates after some of the women in the house accused him of being threatening.

Verbal altercations with Tamar Braxton and Lolo Jones played out on television for everyone to see. The women didn't appreciate how Tom tried to "manipulate" votes by putting his enemy -- Ricky Williams -- on the block, next to someone he knew the women wouldn't vote for. It was a terrific move on Tom's part, but that's not how everyone viewed it. After he was evicted, Tom spoke with TV Guide about his roommates, and how they took things much more seriously than he did.

"I feel kind of badly for some of the people who were against me because I think they were maybe a bit overwhelmed. I'm sure when people get out and see how they've behaved, I do suspect that a lot of people will have some regrets. I wouldn't be surprised if I got a few apologies. But I wouldn't be surprised if I don't either. I just don't know these people that well."
Any time there was any sort of altercation in the house, Tom was always surprised at how his roommates acted in response to it all. The Road Trip actor played a much more laid-back game with his alliance member Kato Kaelin. In the diary room, Tom often pointed out that they were playing a game that too many people were taking personally.

Tom called his time on Celebrity Big Brother the strangest experience of his life. He noted that he couldn't believe how intense it got in the house, and was shocked at how mean people became once they assembled into groups.

It's unlikely that Tom will receive an apology from Tamar, but he can weigh in on Wednesday when he will help determine who wins CBB. The comedian has commented that he is rooting for Lolo Jones and Kandi Burruss, as well as Dina Lohan, who remained loyal to him and Kato in the game. Three more houseguests will be booted on Wednesday night before all the evicted houseguests place their votes.

The next episode of Celebrity Big Brother airs Monday night at 9 p.m. EST. The live two-hour finale airs Wednesday night at 9 p.m. EST.