October 29, 2019
Aubrey O'Day Goes Topless In Red Lingerie Bottom For A Racy Instagram Pic

Aubrey O'Day shared a racy photo on Instagram as she continued her Valentine's Day themed posts. It showed her posing topless in front of a red wall with the word "love" spray painted on in silver. She stood against the wall, and censored herself partially with her right hand. She only wore a red lingerie bottom with velvety sides and sheer middle with a lace accent. The photo was later censored further with drawn hearts over the left side of her chest, along with the word "love" written along her left thigh. Aubrey also wore very dark lipstick, along with matching dark makeup. Her hair was worn down in a middle part with light blond hair, as she accessorized with at least four necklaces and several bracelets.

This photo is the ninth Valentine's Day-themed post on her feed. And although she flipped off the camera in the first post noting, "it's february, single people unite," it looks like O'Day is embracing the spirit of Valentine's Day. Since then, she's sported different racy lingerie, including a sheer halter top and matching bottoms, a lacy and strappy lingerie set and perhaps the most revealing of all, a teddy that was only made up of straps.

O'Day has been on various reality TV shows in the past, including Marriage Bootcamp: Celebrity Edition and Celebrity Apprentice. She previously opened up about her experience on the latter, noting that "Celebrity Apprentice was probably my favorite show I've ever been on," detailed Bravo TV.
"I was thriving at it. And there were two female producers that came up to me, pulled me aside and said, 'You're running circles around everyone. We didn't expect that from you and we respect that and we're rooting for you and so we're trying to help you. Bottom line, [then show host Donald] Trump doesn't think you're pretty.'"
Aubrey then went on to note that she was told that "'If you want to stay in the game, you need to follow these simple rules.' And the rules were: start parting my hair down the center, wearing it straight and pushing my t**s up in tight outfits."

Of course, this all took place long before Trump announced his bid for the U.S. presidency. Between rumors of an affair with Donald Trump Jr. and an unreleased interview that resurfaced where she blasted Trump, Aubrey found herself in a political place that might have been unexpected at the time she was filming Celebrity Apprentice.