February 10, 2019
WWE's Carmella Celebrates Pizza Day In A Bra & Bikini Panties

WWE wrestler Carmella shows no mercy, and when it comes to honoring "fake national food holidays," she simply puts her feelings aside and gets the job done. The former Smackdown women's champion recently shared a photo on her Instagram where she enjoys a pizza while wearing nothing but a bra and panties.

Carmella, who is currently a brunette, celebrated National Pizza Day in bed. The 31-year-old is shown downing some pepperoni as she sits astride her bed. Carmella, whose real name is Leah Van Damme, did not even bother getting dressed for the shot. She wore a Calvin Klein white sports bra and bikini bottom panties from the same line. It certainly appears as if the wrestler can afford the extra calories as her toned body was absolute perfection as she chowed down on the Italian treat.

Carmella wore her long dark hair in loose waves down her shoulders and back. She opted for a full-makeup look, emphasizing her eyes and lips with strong colors. On her nails, the WWE star wore a bold shade of black.

The photo appears to have been taken in a hotel room. Besides the crisp, clean linen upon which Carmella is sitting, there is another bed just behind the pro wrestler.

Before you think that Carmella only ate pizza on Saturday, she also indulged in at least one other treat. On her Twitter feed, Carmella revealed that she had been eating seaweed chips as well.
As far as the photo on her Instagram is concerned, it was an instant hit with her two million followers. In one day, the image garnered more than 210,000 likes and 3,361 comments proving that her fans still find her relevant.

Even though Carmella is a wrestler by profession, many fans commented on the star's beauty. They were blown away by her looks and were quite lavish with their compliments.

"Hot pizza plus hot woman equals happy life you look sexy honey. You made pizza hotter honey."

"Pictures like this is why I love pizza have a great day."

"Ever since you dyed that hair a darker color. Just give me a shout out and I'm good."

"That looks delicious... and I'm not talking about the pizza."

Carmella is currently one of WWE's favorite wrestlers. She and R-Truth go by "The Fabulous Truth" and are entertaining audiences with their dance routines and big mouths. But if she ever decides to retire from wrestling, Carmella could certainly take up modeling full-time.