‘Celebrity Big Brother:’ Tom Green Comments On Tamar Braxton’s Celebratory Dance After His Eviction

Sonja Flemming

Tom Green is the casualty of Celebrity Big Brother Season 2’s recent double eviction, following Natalie Eva Marie out the door this past Friday. The Road Trip actor was the reigning Head of Household going into the episode, but all bets were off when host Julie Chen announced two houseguests would be heading home.

After Tom was given the boot on live television, viewers became consumed with Tamar Braxton’s celebratory dance after his eviction. There was no love lost between the two roommates this season as they were on opposite sides of the house. Tamar hated Tom’s alliance member and ride-or-die Kato Kaelin more, but Tom seemed to be guilty by association. TV Guide caught up with the actor after his eviction and they asked his thoughts on her over-the-top dance.

“She was happy to see me go. She was targeting me the entire time. She was in the room with Ricky, Lolo and Natalie. They were targeting Kato and I from the beginning. Everybody is entitled to celebrate how they do. I decided going in that I was here to play a game, but to do it in a fun way and enjoy the people I met. I knew there was going to be negativity and a competitive atmosphere and I had intended to always approach it with a smile on my face and not try to get too vindictive with people. I think that’s just how Tamar decided to play the game. I wish her well.”

After Tamar did her dance in the kitchen by the front door, she eventually gave Tom a very half-hearted hug and laughed as he exited. The singer might have been surprised at the overwhelming amount of applause her enemy got from the audience. Tom definitely had the best greeting from the audience this season and is likely to take home the America’s Favorite Houseguest prize on Wednesday.

Tamar’s celebration was likely because of a recent blow up the two had in the house before the first eviction on Friday night. Tamar was mad that Tom was considering removing Natalie from the block and replacing her with Tamar after winning the Veto, forcing Kandi to vote out Ricky Williams since she wouldn’t vote for her friend. Tamar called this “threatening” many times, a word that Tom did not like being thrown in his direction.

Tamar’s choice to celebrate Tom’s eviction in the way that she did is being regarded as poor jury management on Twitter among the fans. Tom will vote to choose the winner of Celebrity Big Brother this Wednesday along with every other houseguest who has since been evicted. If Tamar is one of the final two, she may not have Tom’s vote based on the way she acted after he was evicted. The only shot Tamar might have at getting Tom’s vote is if she is sitting next to Ricky Williams, whom the comedian tried to boot the entire season.

The next episode of Celebrity Big Brother airs Monday night at 9 p.m. EST. The live two-hour finale airs Wednesday night at 9 p.m. EST.