Josephine Skriver Barely Covers Her Chest In Super Low-Cut Swimsuit On Instagram

Josephine Skriver shared a new swimsuit photo on Instagram today, as she enjoyed the sunshine at a swimming pool with a giant Revolve logo. The model sported a super low-cut one-piece swimsuit, which barely covered her chest. It had thin white straps, along with pastel-colored stripes in yellow, purple, and pink. She held herself up above the pool in a tan hat, as she looked down for the photo.

The model has been sharing amazing travel photos from Australia over the past few days -- she first posted a picture of herself sitting next to the ocean on a rock. The photo showed Josephine with her hair back in French pigtails, as she looked casual and stylish in a white crop top, rolled up denim shorts and white sneakers. She accessorized with silver earrings, and the photo was geo-tagged in Tamarama Beach.

In addition, Skriver posed in front of the famous Sydney Opera House while sitting on the edge of a boat. She wore a bright yellow dress with thin straps and a flowing skirt, plus white-rimmed sunglasses and Chanel sneakers. A second photo showed her standing with a champagne flute in her right hand, as she smiled widely for the cameras. The trip appeared to be short-lived, however, as the model noted that her 48 hours was up and she was already bidding farewell to Australia.

As a sought-after model, Josephine often travels around the world. She shared some of her travel tips a few years back with W Magazine.

"I always travel with makeup wipes because it's easy when you're on the go. I like the paper face masks for the plane that are cooling," she explained.

In addition, Skriver shared details about the life lessons she learned from her mother.

"My mom was always about starting the day with a positive mental state and attitude. She always says, 'the cure for a long life is a happy mind,'" Skriver noted. "Girls have so much self-doubt and want to be perfect, but we're all perfectly unique and that's the real beauty," she added, offering up her own advice about self-esteem and beauty.

On the other hand, Josephine said that when it comes to fragrance, she prefers to switching things up every now and then.

"I've been wearing YSL Manifesto over the last couple of months, but I always switch it up depending on my mood and the season," she explained.

The model has been keeping busy, and in addition to her personal Instagram, Skriver has teamed up with Jasmine Tookes to launch their own travel blog and Instagram account, called Joja.