March 10, 2019
Mexico's 'Hottest Weather Girl Ever' Yanet Garcia Flaunts Her World-Famous Derriere, With A Pizza Slice On Top

Mexican weather presenter and model Yanet Garcia has become something of an internet sensation for the past few years, attracting the attention of influencers and media platforms alike for her vivacious personality and enviable physique. With TMZ going so far as to proclaim Yanet the "hottest weather girl ever," per YouTube, and popular social media channels such as Ozzy Man Reviews taking the time to single her out not once, but twice -- there can be little doubt that Yanet Garcia is a big deal, and is here to stay.

In the most recent image which Yanet shared to Instagram, she made sure to give her most ardent admirers exactly what it is that they crave. Standing in side-profile in what appears to be an apartment, the brunette bombshell takes a selfie while wearing bra and boyshorts. In a bit of a cheeky move, the Mexican model has superimposed a pizza slice emoji overtop of her derriere, one which was already clad in a pair of pizza-emblazoned boyshorts.

Yanet's iconic hourglass figure is on full display in this candid, sultry snapshot -- further accentuated by her provocative pose. Her signature chestnut tresses are styled in loose, luxurious waves to tumble about her neck and shoulders. Perfectly sculpted eyebrows and some light eyeshadow helped to frame her chocolate brown eyes. Sporting a nude lip and a neutral expression as she gazed at her smartphone, likely hoping to capture the perfect angle, the model and weather presenter showed that she is totally in control of her aesthetic and her public image.

Giving a shout-out to one of the world's most famous foods -- with an "official" pizza day being celebrated on February 9 -- Yanet ties her boyshorts, her emoji, and her apparent love for the Italian comfort food up at once. Her fans and followers certainly appreciated her sense of humor, and the view, awarding her most recent share over 560,000 likes in addition to 4,500-plus comments.

One user wrote, "Damn, i just got finished eating donuts. Now i want pizza," followed by a pair of jiggly eyes looking to the left. A second Instagram fan quipped, "I will have a slice of ypu [sic] everyday," followed by a sunglasses-wearing emoji wearing a smirk.

Yanet Garcia has made headlines most recently, per the Daily Star, for performing a sultry, sizzling walkabout of a television studio while wearing short shorts. Walking about the studio as if she owned the place, the Mexican model illustrated her supreme confidence in herself, and in her ability to set hearts aflutter the world over.