February 10, 2019
Kendall Jenner Flaunts World-Famous Legs, Supple Thighs In A Leather Jacket & Very Little Else

American supermodel Kendall Jenner is perhaps the most world-famous figure in the entirety of the contemporary modeling industry -- known for her long legs, athletic figure, and smoldering good looks. While so many women across the globe seek to surpass Kendall on the international stage, she remains the most well-paid model on planet Earth, per Forbes, drawing an estimated $22.5 million in the twelve months prior to June of 2018 for her beauty and talent.

Now, in her most recent Instagram share, Kendall is leaving very little to the imagination as she parades her slender pins and supple thighs in a leather jacket -- one which serves as the sole barrier between her body and her desirous audience. In the short clip, Kendall stands in front of a marketing backsplash while clad in a luxurious leather jacket, a sultry smile spread across her face. The jacket is cinched about her svelte waist by a broad, black belt -- a move which serves to emphasize the supermodel's sexy hourglass figure.

The immodest hemline of the jacket leaves Kendall's legs and thighs as the standout piece of the entire photographic composition. Her iconic long legs and toned thighs are on full display in the brief bit of footage, further showcased by the black stiletto boots which she is wearing.

Kendall Jenner's signature raven locks are styled severely straight in chic haute couture look, her hair looking glossy and extremely healthy. Perfectly sculpted eyebrows and natural makeup help to frame and to contour her face, and she sports a nude lip.

Kendall Jenner gave a shoutout to her promotional partners in the caption attending the clip, French luxury leather goods label Longchamp -- the ones likely responsible for the high fashion jacket she is modeling. Her fans and followers certainly seemed to appreciate the video as well, lavishing nearly 1 million likes and 4,400-plus comments on the clip in very short order.

One user wrote, "Gosh you are so darn beautiful," followed by a heart-eyed emoji and a flame emoji. A second Instagram fan was seemingly more interested in the fashion on display, quipping, "How much is that piece of leather??"

Kendall Jenner has been making headlines most recently for serving as the cover girl for many fashion and style magazines -- from Allure to Vogue Italia -- and shows no sign of slowing or stopping any time soon. Her legions of devotees are always excited to see what she posts and where her career takes her, and can't wait to see what she will share next!