Kate Middleton Shows Off Trim Physique By Rocking Tight, Skinny Jeans For Casual Garden Romp

Kate Middleton is well known for her classic, regal style -- which typically features crisp lines and conservative, knee length skirts paired with smart looking shoes and a well matching coat. During a garden romp for her newest royal adventure, the duchess left all her fashion rules at the door in favor of rocking a pair of modern, trendy jeans.

Middleton, a mom of three, showed off her trim physique by rocking a pair of tight, skinny jeans. The casual pants were well fitted to the duchess's body, and while still looking regal, gave the royal a laid back look for the daytime stroll. She paired the denim bottoms with a snug-fitting tweed button down, which hit her hip line and was tailored short to add length to her torso, and show off her long, elegant legs.

Underneath the jacket, according to additional pictures provided by the royal family, Middleton wore a cozy, maroon knitted turtleneck that added to the laid back vibes of the visit. The top was perfect to show off her signature bouncy blowout, which fell over the top of her jeans, contrasting beautifully with her chestnut colored hair.

The duchess chose to keep the makeup and accessories light for the occasion. She went with a fresh-faced look, using minimal blush and eye shadow, topping the look off with a light, rosy lipstick. She wore a pair of pearl, drop style earrings, and, of course, her stunning sapphire wedding set that once belonged to her husband's mother, Princess Diana.

The duchess ran solo for the trip to the future home of the "Back To Nature" garden, which she was at the helm of creating and designing. As People Magazine reported, Middleton worked with landscape designers Andrée Davies, 55, and Adam White, 45, to put together the blueprints for the rich, earthy, public garden.

The family-centric open space will be a lush playground for families to gather and get back to nature. The area will feature a large tree house and several plush places to relax; the aim of the sprawling space is to have folks enjoy their surroundings and relax.

According to the plans unveiled by the duchess and her team, the "Back To Nature" garden will also have several areas for small children to stay active while learning about their environment. Kids will be able to play on swing sets, splash in a waterfall and stream, and learn about the several plants and shrubs planted around the park.

"To us, this is very much about childhood memories. We all spoke about our childhood memories, being outdoors and exploring nature. She was very open and has been hugely collaborative. This is very much about the three of us, as co-designers," co-designer Adam White said in a statement.