February 10, 2019
Jon Lindstrom Talks 'General Hospital' Storyline, Teases What's Ahead For Ryan, Kevin, And Laura [Spoilers]

The wild Ryan Chamberlain storyline has really been heating up on General Hospital, and spoilers suggest that things will get even crazier before the truth is revealed. Actor Jon Lindstrom says he's having a blast with this twin storyline, and he recently shared a few tantalizing teasers about what is still on the horizon.

Lindstrom talked with TV Insider shortly after getting nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award, and he provided some interesting background and points to consider about how things will go moving forward. For example, the General Hospital actor noted that he didn't know for certain about Ryan being brought back until after a lot of speculation about the possibility had been swirling. Viewers could tell something was "off" with Kevin, but Lindstrom himself hadn't been fully looped in on the plan yet at that point.

Jon says he hasn't had this much fun with any of his work since he started General Hospital back in 1992. As fans can tell via the latest developments on-screen, Ryan's scheme will be unraveling significantly in the weeks ahead, and Lindstrom says he's looking forward to the fallout that's on the way.

At some point, Kevin will be saved from Ferncliff and Ryan will be caught. However, Kevin will have a lot of questions to answer.

Kevin kept his supposedly-dead maniacal brother hidden away for years, and many will wonder how and why he did that. Laura will feel significantly betrayed by the man she loved -- a lot of damage has been done emotionally to everybody involved.

The actor says that this has been a fantastic journey, and he praises everybody involved for fully committing to it. General Hospital fans are ready to see Ryan busted, but spoilers suggest that this will take a little while longer to play out.

Fans know that there's action on the way with Monday's show as Ryan targets Griffin, but General Hospital spoilers hint that Ryan's quest won't be successful at this point. She Knows Soaps teases that there will be more involving Franco during the coming week, and soon, Laura will be feeling curious in some way that's surely connected to this.

The week of February 18 brings another big move by Ryan, and viewers will see him threatening Kevin again. When is the truth revealed? A lot of progress will be made as the February sweeps continue, but it remains to be seen when a real resolution will evolve.

Fans love that Jon Lindstrom is having such a great time with this storyline, and it looks as if there is a lot of intense action still on the way. Stay tuned for more General Hospital spoilers as Ryan's antics spiral out of control to see who finally figures out the truth and exposes his evil misdeeds.