Duchess Meghan's Sister Will Make At Least $180,000 Off Of Royal Baby

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's baby has not even been born and the Duchess of Sussex's half-sister has already found a way to cash in on the child. Ever since Meghan first started dating the prince, Samantha Markle has found a way to monetize the fact that the two share a father.

Samantha, 54, has even turned her stories of her younger half-sibling into books she's trying to publish, portraying the Duchess of Sussex as a "pushy princess" dedicating a Twitter account to bashing Duchess Meghan.

The Australian website 9 Honey says that while Duchess Meghan is in her third trimester, her half-sister is enjoying her own attention, lining up interviews and talk show appearances for after the baby is born, and she's demanding payment for her time at a rate of $3,600 an hour.

Samantha Markle has also arranged to appear in two television documentaries and hopes to release two separate books in which she shares secrets from Duchess Meghan's childhood. In the books, she promises to share many photos proving that she was around when Meghan was growing up in order to "refute any of your nasty troll gossip."

As a result of her daily dialogue on social media, Samantha Markle has been put on what Kensington Palace calls their "fixated persons" list.

A media representative for Samantha Markle says that she doesn't receive any money from Duchess Meghan and so there is no reason that she can't "earn her own money" by dishing on her famous connection.

The rep continues saying that Samantha has "every right to celebrate the birth" of her half-niece or nephew by providing color commentary on Duchess Meghan's childhood and upbringing.

Duchess Meghan famously froze out her entire father's side of the family after her father Thomas Markle and Samantha tried to publicly turn their connection into a payday and asked Meghan for her help to do so.

While initially much of the media wanted to hear what Samantha Markle had to say, the tide has turned against the Duchess's half-sister, who now has interviewers calling her out for what has been seen as "bullying" behavior.

The Inquisitr says that in a recent interview with an Australian radio station, Samantha was on the defensive with radio host Kyle Sandilands of KIIS who insisted she was capitalizing on her sister's name to push her "sh*t book."

Sandilands interrupted to ask Markle a question.

"Why didn't you call the book my boring life? Why did you bring your sister into it?"
Samantha said it was for marketing reasons, to which he responded by calling her a loser, hanging up, and ending the interview.