'General Hospital' Spoilers: Dawn Of Day Has Taken Over Port Charles

One of the current story lines on General Hospital surrounds Shiloh and his band of followers that seem to have taken Port Charles by storm. Everyone is getting in on the Dawn of Day train to the point that it's almost scary. There is something going on and Sam and Jason are bound and determined to find out exactly what that is.

It all started with the mysterious Daisy who frequented Charlie's Pub off and on chatting it up with Kristina. Viewers knew there was something up with her and it all has led to Shiloh. Daisy had been trying to recruit Kristina and she seems to have worked her magic. Now the mobster's daughter has just been recruited to take over Daisy's place as a Dawn of Day leader. It's all a little too convenient that Shiloh, formerly known as Hank, is connected to not only Drew's past, but Sam's as well. General Hospital spoilers coming up for this week tease that Sam is filtering herself into the cult. She Knows Soaps says that she will be spending Valentine's day with Shiloh.

Kristina will not be happy with Sam being there. She is totally under the leader's thumb and this may just cause friction between the sisters. However, Sam is only doing this to protect her sis. The Dawn of Day book sure has been getting around Port Charles. Everyone seems to have one and has been changed by it. Even Alexis had somewhat of a positive thing to say about her experience with revisiting her past. It seemed to be sort of freeing for her, but she still finds the whole thing strange.

Sonny, on the other hand, is not having it. Alexis gave him the book to read and he declared it garbage. He, Jason, and Spinelli are working on taking Shiloh down if they find out he is as shady as he seems to be. There were two other hints on how the cult is spreading over the town. The bartender at the MetroCourt told Sonny how that book changed his life. Also, Margaux had been seen with the same book in her bag at the PCPD last week, so that may play into this story line later as well.

It would be a shocker if Shiloh was actually this person who only wants to help people be free from their past, but that is highly unlikely. It's no coincidence that he knows Drew well and he is the son of the man who was once married to Sam.

Jason will be visiting with someone named Harmony this week, who seems to know Shiloh well. Keep tuned into General Hospital to find out what she has to say.