February 10, 2019
Singer Zara Larsson Shows Off Her Amazing Physique In Skin-Tight Dress As She Plugs Her New Single

Zara Larsson certainly knows how to get her fans' attention.

The "Ruin My Life" singer took to Instagram on Sunday to give a plug for her new single, and did so with a racy picture that showed her amazing figure in a skin-tight dress. The image was a viral hit with fans, prompting thousands of likes and supportive comments from fans who loved her look and were excited to see more new music from her.

"Absolutely yes!" one responded.

"Yassssssssss Queen!!!!! Ready for the new album," another commented.

The Swedish singer is building off the success of her 2017 debut album, So Good, and has already made a splash with the new single, "Ruin My Life." But the single getting heavy play on Top 40 radio stations was a much different finished product than initially conceived, Larsson shared in an interview with Billboard.

She noted that it was originally written as a duet, but Larsson decided that she wanted it for herself and wanted to tone down some overt references to a turbulent and violent relationship and instead make the song about an "emotional rollercoaster."

The singer added that she has been hands-on with her songwriting, often changing lyrics she feels are too highly charged. That includes taking out apparent references to stealing another woman's man, saying she does not want her music to promote women going against each other.

Zara Larsson also revealed that she doesn't want to separate her music from her political and societal views.

"Even if I didn't do music, I would still be politically aware -- not only [about] politics but human rights and feminism," she commented. "It's just a big part of who I am, so I think that just comes naturally. It's not so much, 'Oh my God, will I get a hate hashtag on Twitter?' It's more like, 'Do I stand for this?'"

While Zara Larsson didn't reveal in the viral Instagram photo just what single would be dropping next, there have been reports that she had a collaboration with Ariana Grande in the works. As Billboard reported, Grande confirmed the rumors this week on Twitter, saying she was in the studio recording some harmonies and backup vocals for the unnamed song.

Those hoping to get more hints of Zara Larsson's next single -- or who just want to check out more pictures of her rocking some racy attire -- can follow along on her Instagram page.