Brad Pitt Sparks New Rumors Of Romance With Jennifer Aniston After Making Secret Visit To Her Birthday Party

Brad Pitt may have just set off a new round of reunion rumors after making a secret visit to Jennifer Aniston's 50th birthday party, leading fans to hope that the onetime Hollywood super couple may be getting back together.

As Hollywood Life reported, Pitt was spotted sneaking into the star-studded event at the Sunset Tower Hotel this weekend. Brad reportedly tried to enter without being seen, though some photos from the event appear to show him hurrying into the hotel to join the party. This led many to wonder if the couple could be working toward a reconciliation, as they are both single at the same time for the first time since their famous split in 2005.

Brad Pitt went on to marry Angelina Jolie after the much-publicized breakup, but the two just finalized their divorce after splitting in 2016. Jen also had a short-lived marriage to actor Justin Theroux before the two amicably split in 2017.

Recent reports indicated that both Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt are not seeing anyone else, though they may be in different places romantically. The International Business Times reported that Aniston was not in too much of a hurry to find a new man in her life, and another insider said she was feeling good as she approached her 50th birthday on Monday.

"She's not worried about the number 50," the insider told Us Weekly. "She feels like life gets better with age and she isn't looking back. The older she gets, the more comfortable she is in her own skin. She's in a good place and happy."

Brad Pitt is also single after his split from Angelina Jolie, but reports indicated that he is much more interested in finding love again than his former wife, Jennifer Aniston. A report from Hollywood Life claimed that Brad was ready to get back into the dating game.

"He seems to be much more ready to find love again too, or at least he seems more open to it. His friends are hopeful it will happen for him this year too, he deserves it," the insider said.

It was not clear if Brad Pitt was attending Jennifer Aniston's party to support his former lover, or if there could be more romantic intentions to the visit. It can often be difficult to sort fact from rumors when it comes to the former super couple, as the two have been the center of rumors for years since their split, including a number of ultimately false reports claiming they would be getting back together.