Sommer Ray Flaunts Booty In Thong Bikini In A Video On Instagram

Sommer Ray released her second video in two days on Instagram, and the newest post shows her posing in a zebra-striped bikini. The social media star is seen posing in a stairwell, as she put her left hand on the railing and posed with her side to the camera. Her famous derriere was on full display, as she struck a couple of poses and smiled widely. Her hair was up in a high top bun, and she accessorized with multiple rings.

Ray's second newest post was a video montage that was shot in a mansion in Beverly Hills. There's not much detail available about it right now, but it's likely that fans will hear more about it in the coming days. Between the two videos, Sommer's received almost 2 million plays, which is quite impressive. But considering she has over 19.9 million followers, it's not a huge surprise.

Fans may have noticed that Sommer has been bringing her mom into the fold a little more recently. This included a video of her and her mom doing a photo shoot for her clothing line, as they wore matching floral workout pieces. Sommer rocked a sports bra and biker shorts combo, as her mom wore a tracksuit with a cropped top.

Sommer's mom, Shannon Ray, is well known in the bodybuilding community. In fact, Sommer's parents are both in the industry, and she was part of bodybuilding competitions when she was younger. However, she chose to leave that world behind to pursue her social media career, which appears to be working well for her.

Right now, Ray has a lot to celebrate, as her clothing line appears to be doing well. Every month, there's a new collection that's released. All of the pieces are only available for a short time, in a limited run. So once something is sold out, it's sold out for good. It makes sense that her clothing line is all about fitness, and she previously noted to Life & Style Magazine some of her thoughts on the gym.

"Diet is key. Diet plays a huge role in fitness. A lot of people go to the gym, work out really hard, then don't follow up with a good lifestyle. You can't expect a flower to grow without any water. Work out, but also take care of yourself. Drink lots of water, that's the key. A lot of times when I feel bloated, to me drinking a lot of water really gets rid of all that. And get plenty of sleep, my biggest pet peeve is looking puffy and tired."