'Beauty And The Beast' Is Leaving Netflix Next Month

As just about all Netflix subscribers know by now, the contract between Disney and the streaming giant came to the end at the end of the year. Unfortunately, Disney decided not to renew their contract because they have plans to create their own streaming service instead.

This decision, in turn, has resulted in a lot of Disney content – some of which has been a staple in the Netflix library for some time – to slowly fade out.

If you've had the live action Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson collecting dust on your list of content to watch, it is time for you to brush off the dust and watch it before you lose your opportunity to do so, as it is slated to be one of the next victims in the Disney content culling.

For those who are unfamiliar with Beauty and the Beast, it was a live action version of the beloved animated classic. It was a very controversial movie as many die hard Disney fans did not like the idea of rebooting classic Disney movies.

Beauty and the Beast had a theatrical release in March of 2017 before becoming part of the Disney and Netflix deal and being added to the Netflix library in September of 2017.

As What's On Netflix reminds us, all Disney movies that were part of the expired contract were added to the content library with streaming rights of 18 months before getting pulled back out of the library. With the 18 months since Beauty and the Beast was first added to the Netflix library coming to a close, the movie is slated to be removed with the rest of the March, 2019, departures.

Unfortunately, this does mean the movie will also be pulled from the Canadian platform, as Netflix and Disney in both Canada and the U.S. were operating under the exact same contract.

Things, however, are a little different for other regions, as Netflix U.K., for example, will be picking up the movie after Sky's 18-month streaming contract is coming to an end soon as well.

Where will the movie go?

Beauty and the Beast is not expected to exit Netflix and immediately find a home on another streaming service. Most suspect Disney is going to hold back on releasing a lot of their content to drive up the hype for their upcoming streaming service, which is slated to release later this year.

In addition to new Disney content being added to their streaming service instead of Netflix, Disney is expected to have a lot of older content available for streaming as well.