'The 100' Expected To Be Renewed For Season 7

Season 6 of The 100 is still a few months out, but a bit of panic set in when The CW series was not included in the recent string of renewals when the network announced the renewal of other shows, including Dynasty, Riverdale, Supernatural, and several other fan favorites.

Fortunately, according to TV Guide, fans don't have much to worry about as the series is already predicted to be picked up for another season.

"[Jason Rothenberg] does have a really good idea for his seventh season. We'll see where we're at, that's a May thing," The CW president Mark Pedowitz revealed.

As TV Guide reminds us, it makes sense for fans of the series to panic as it can often be challenging to determine why some shows get cancelled while others get renewed. Fortunately, The CW is one network with a pretty strong reputation for bringing their shows to an end instead of leaving fans stuck with a cancellation cliffhanger. Given the fan base and the number of seasons behind The 100, it is suspected the network would give the series a finale season to wrap things up as opposed to just leaving everyone hanging via cancellation.

Back in the fall, Pedowitz admitted he did not see the series going anywhere any time soon.

"Jason did a remarkable job of revitalizing the show, and I hope it can go on for a long time."
According to TV Insider, some members of the cast did dish on what to expect from Season 6 during The 100's Unity Days convention in Vancouver last month.
As those who watched the Season 5 finale know, the beloved characters were forced to flee the dying planet and make their way into space. The season came to a close with Clarke and Bellamy waking up and discovering something was wrong, as no one else was awake. Shortly after, they met a young man they didn't recognize, who turned out to be Monty and Harper's son, Jordan. Monty and Harper made the decision to live a peaceful life on the spaceship instead of going to sleep with everyone else.

Clarke and Bellamy watched their friends age in a series of video clips as they explained Earth didn't recover as they had expected it to. According to the videos, Clarke, Bellamy, and everyone else on the ship has been asleep for 125 years.

Monty and Harper were able to find a solution to the problem by uncovering an alternative planet they believed would provide a suitable home for everyone on the ship.

With a lot of mystery shrouding the new planet that Clarke, Bellamy, and everyone else onboard plans on calling home, fans hope it results in a lot of new storylines and seasons to come.

Season 6 of The 100 is scheduled to premiere on Tuesday, April 30, only on The CW.