After Elizabeth Warren Announces Presidential Run, Donald Trump Tweets About Native American Genocide

As might be expected, Donald Trump has his own ideas about Elizabeth Warren running for president, and only hours after she officially announced her campaign, the president took to Twitter to tease the Massachusetts senator about her Native American ancestry by allegedly making a joke about Native American genocide.

As Mother Jones has reported, as soon as it became public knowledge that Elizabeth Warren identified herself as a Native American by listing her ethnicity as an American Indian in the "race" field when she filled out a form for the State Bar of Texas back in 1986, Donald Trump gave her the nickname of "Pocahontas."

According to Slate, after it was discovered that Warren had referred to herself as a Native American in Texas, conservative critics became angry at the idea that she had willfully lied about her ethnicity for over two decades, which meant that she was at one point listed as a minority at the Association of American Law Schools.

However, with the news that Elizabeth Warren is now planning to run for president, Donald Trump appears to have ramped things up by tweeting about the upcoming race with Warren.

"Today Elizabeth Warren, sometimes referred to by me as Pocahontas, joined the race for President. Will she run as our first Native American presidential candidate, or has she decided that after 32 years, this is not playing so well anymore?"
Referring to what appears to be the Native American genocide of the Trail of Tears, Trump also emphasized one particular part of his tweet, saying, "See you on the campaign TRAIL, Liz!"
Trump's referral to Native Americans is no surprise as the president is known to be a staunchly ardent supporter of Andrew Jackson, who believed that it was fine to remove Native Americans from their collective homes and shuffle them elsewhere. With a portrait of Jackson in the Oval Office, Trump has also mentioned him numerous times in the press and on Twitter, even going so far as to visit the past president's tomb immediately after he was officially sworn in as the new president.

Donald Trump Jr. has reportedly praised his father's tweet by logging onto Twitter himself and re-posting it, followed by his own words which read, "Savage!!! Love my President."

With Donald Trump apparently mocking Elizabeth Warren and Native American genocide in one concise statement, it should be noted that Warren has formally apologized to the leaders of the Cherokee Nation for "not having been more sensitive about tribal citizenship."