Oscar Pistorius Cancels Races, Sponsors Still Supportive

Oscar Pistorius’ agent has cancelled all of his future races as the Paralympic star known as “Blade Runner” faces trial over the death of his model girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp.

A statement released Sunday by Pistorius’ agent Peet Van Zyl confirmed that the Olympic runner’s future engagements had been cancelled, reports USA Today. It read, in part:

“I have decided that following these tragic events that we have no option but to cancel all future races that Oscar Pistorius had been contracted to compete in, to allow Oscar to concentrate on the upcoming legal proceedings and to help and support all those involved as they try to come to terms with this very difficult and distressing situation.”

Pistorius was contracted to compete in five races between March 9 and May 25 in Australia, Brazil, England, and the United States, reports NBC News.

Van Zyl said that Pistorius’ partners and sponsors still supported the runner and their contractual commitments remain intact. According to Van Zyl, “they are happy to let the legal process take its course before making any change in their position.”

The story of Oscar Pistorius’ alleged murder of Reeva Steenkamp continues to develop, with many shocking reports seeming to indicate that her death was no mere accident. He was officially charged by prosecutors with murder on Friday, though he has vehemently denied these allegations.

“I think that the way you go out, not just your journey in life but the way that you go out and you make your exit is so important,” Steenkamp said in a recently released clip for Tropika Island of Treasure, regarding her exit from the show.

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