Nina Dobrev Shares Cozy Photo For Calvin Klein

Nina Dobrev is getting ready for spring with a little help from popular clothing brand, Calvin Klein. The actress recently took to Instagram to share an image, which was originally posted on Calvin Klein's Instagram page. In the photo, Dobrev can be seen sitting in a diner setting with a cup of coffee next to her. The actress is wearing a cozy-looking sweater with red, white, and blue shapes all over it. The star seems to have opted for a more natural makeup look, with lightly colored lips and her usual bold brows. She also wore her slightly tousled, short dark hair on her shoulders, along with nude nail polish on her fingers.

The sweater appears to be a part of the brand's "Pre-Spring 2019" collection and is officially called the intarsia jacquard sweater. The shot of Dobrev was taken for W Magazine, according to the photo's caption.

Dobrev, who has become best-known for her role as Elena Salvatore (née Gilbert) on The CW's The Vampire Diaries, has stepped away from the supernatural activities in Mystic Falls for a more relaxed role on a new CBS sitcom, Fam. The sitcom follows a newly-engaged couple, Clem and Nick, whose lives are turned upside down when Clem's rebellious half-sister, Shannon, decides to move in.

"It's very different. They're so different. The live audience aspect is one big one, the fact that it's a straight comedy, the fact that it's a lot broader, you have to be bigger on sitcoms," Dobrev explained to E! News.

As for her love life, the actress is currently dating screenwriter and director Grant Mellon, according to E! News. A source told the magazine that the couple has been keeping their relationship low-key, but Dobrev definitely refers to Mellon as her boyfriend.

Earlier this year, the Fam star opened up about being pushed by her mother to settle down and start a family, but revealed she isn't quite ready for that.

"I can and will definitely have both [career and family]. I'm still working on me," she told Entertainment Tonight. "When I do have a family, I can focus my full energy on that, but I'm not ready for it yet."

"In 10 years, hopefully, I will be — for my mom's sake," the 29-year-old continued. "My mom wanted me to have a baby 10 years ago. She gets me baby clothes for Christmas every year. She's like 'Hint, hint, nudge, nudge!'"

Dobrev went on to say that she's staying focused on the things that make her the happiest right now.