March 10, 2019
American Fitness Model Jen Selter Puts Her World-Famous Derriere On Full Display, Tans Face-Down Atop Yacht

American fitness model Jen Selter is quickly becoming something of a household name the world over -- famous for her body, her booty, her indefatigable ambition, and sense of humor. In her most recent Instagram share, the brunette bombshell can be spied laying face-down atop the deck of a luxurious yacht, her world-famous derriere on full display.

In this particular image, Jen can be seen soaking up the noonday sun while resting on the deck of the large yacht, an expanse of ocean water and verdant shorelines reaching out to touch the horizon in the background -- along with another sailing ship. Steel railing rounds the perimeter of the bow -- preventing anyone from falling overboard by mistake -- and what appears to be a winch can be seen mounted by the prow.

The star of the picture, however, is Jen Selter herself. Her athletic figure is captured in its entirety here, from head to toe. Wearing a skimpy two-piece bikini which leaves very little to the imagination, the fitness model's round, pert backside is pushed into a position of prominence at the center of the photographic frame. The bikini is cut in a thong style -- high on the hips to accentuate the brunette beauty's hourglass silhouette -- and exposes nearly all of Jen's iconic physique.

It appears that Jen has also loosened her top, allowing her breasts a bit more freedom from the constraints of the bikini top. Some sideboob seems to be visible, pressed up against the deck of the yacht. A hilarious pepperoni pizza patterned blanket acts as a barrier between the hot surface of the deck and the sensitive skin of the model's body, and also acts to lend a bit of amusing charm to the overall aesthetic.

The sky is an idyllic blue -- matching the water -- and there is barely a cloud to be seen.

In the caption of the post, Jen gives an enthusiastic shout-out for National Pizza Day, which may help to explain the funny blanket. Calling for her legions of ardent admirers to drop a comment in the appropriate section if they, too, are pizza fanatics, the model saw an immense response. Over 70,000 Instagram users lavished her luxurious share with a like, and 800-plus left a little note for her, too.

One user wrote, "You look incredible and that towel is too cute!!" followed by a string of emojis including an apple, a pizza slice, and a heart-eyed emoji. A second Instagram fan simply commented with a long litany of pizza slice emojis in response to Jen's request.

No matter what exotic locale or surprising situation Jen Selter finds herself in, one thing is certain -- her devotees simply can't get enough of her, and can't wait to see what she shares next.