March 10, 2019
UFC Ring Girl Arianny Celeste Flaunts Massive Cleavage & Leaves Nothing To The Imagination In Low-Cut Leggings

One of the toughest ladies on Instagram, UFC ring girl Arianny Celeste is absolutely familiar with the strength and dedication that it takes to be a part of the world's premiere mixed martial arts organization. In a recent share made to the popular social media platform, the brunette bombshell made it quite clear why she is deserving of her growing fame -- and her burgeoning fan base -- all at once.

In this brief Boomerang video, Arianny can be seen in the midst of a pretty intense work out at the gym. A large punching bag can be seen in front of her, and a busy urban street can be seen through the gym's windows. For her part, Arianny is clad only in an extremely tight and skimpy sports bra -- one which leaves almost nothing to the imagination -- as well as a pair of stretchy gray leggings, so form-fitting that they serve almost as a second skin. Her hands are wrapped up with black tape to protect her knuckles from scrapes and bruises, and her signature chestnut tresses are styled back in a taut bun to keep her hair from getting in her face.

Her muscular and athletic body is the photographic focus, with her washboard abs and toned biceps being put on full display. Her slim waist, hourglass hips, and naturally toned thighs are also emphasized by her choice of clothing -- as well as by the hip-swaying dance that she incorporates into her cheeky post.

In the caption of the post, one which seems likely to be promotional in nature, Arianny Celeste gives a shout-out to sponsor Sweet Sweat -- thanking them for her incredible abs. It looks like her legions of ardent admirers also appreciated Arianny's candid capture, offering the UFC ring girl over 20,000 likes and 270-plus comments in very little time.

One user wrote, "You have absolute great body. Your abs are hard." A second Instagram fan quipped, "You look very beautiful and extraordinary, all of what you do makes me amazed," followed by a string of heart-eyed emojis.

When she's not working UFC events, Arianny Celeste also finds herself immersed in the world of professional modeling. According to the Sun, Arianny has been a featured Playboy model in the past, and is comfortable modeling in public as well as in private.

No matter where she appears, Arianny's fans love to see her work her incredible physique. At home, at the gym, or at ringside -- they can't wait to see what she shares next!