Kim Kardashian Gets Dragged On Instagram For Sporting A Unique Hairstyle

Kim Kardashian and her stylish sisters are no strangers to keeping up with the times and trying out what's new and trendy -- even setting some trends themselves with their influencer status on social media. Frequently updating their fans with their latest looks and makeup tips, the Kardashian and Jenner sisters have really made a name for themselves when it comes to the hottest up-and-coming trends.

Kim Kardashian, who has paved the way for her sisters to shine in this digital world, has been the queen of Instagram and Twitter -- and before that, MySpace -- and has consistently updated her 126 million followers on what she's up to in both her life and her sense of style. Her admirers are always quick to jump in the comment section to express their feelings over Kim's choice in fashion - and a photo posted by the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star on Saturday is no different.

In the selfie-style snap, Kardashian showed off the latest in her long line of KKW Beauty products, a nude lipliner with a matching matte lipstick, which the starlet showed off herself. Rocking a one strap, white ensemble for the pic, Kardashian used her signature contouring to achieve the flawless features she is well known for.

What had fans talking, though, was that the beauty mogul wore her dark hair slicked back from a dramatic middle part -- but also added a gelled down side-curl which dramatically reached to the middle of her face, that her followers had some mixed feelings over.

Some of Kardashian's fans were quick to point out that the reality star famously had her "baby hairs" removed via laser, and that the look was clearly fabricated to make her look as if she had sideburns. Some pointed out that the the curl looked like a "snake," which could be either a dig or a nod the Taylor Swift/Kanye West feud, while others trolled Kardashian saying that the look was better left in the 90's, or middle school.

"If your going to do 'edges', at least have your 'professional' hairdresser make them look legit and natural," one fan added.

Other fans pointed out that this was another case of Kardashian exercising cultural appropriation, and that the dramatic, slicked down sideburn designs are a part of African American culture and tradition.

"Kim I love you, but those faux baby hairs? Come on... Cultural appropriation. Our people don't even style our baby hairs like that," added another fan.

Of course, many took to the comments section to applaud Kardashian for looking flawless, and commended her for making a bold fashion choice -- a trademark of the KUTWK starlet.