LeAnn Rimes Watches Helpless As Her Dog Is Mauled To Death By A Coyote

LeAnn Rimes and her family are mourning the loss of their family dog after watching as Eveie was attacked and killed by a coyote near their Los Angeles home. Rimes took to Instagram to express her and her family's anguish about losing their beloved friend.

The 36-year-old posted a picture of her and Eveie snuggling in happier times, with a caption describing the loss. In other photos, she showed the dog in a Santa hat and hanging out with family members.

"This is one of the most difficult, heartbroken moments our whole family has ever experienced. Our baby, Eveie was attacked in front of us yesterday by a coyote. She was so much more than our dog, she was an old soul. She'd look in your eyes and speak deeply into you without any words. Eddie, the boys and myself are left with such a hole in our family and in our hearts," she wrote.

"We were so blessed to have her stumble into our lives, to have LovEd her with every inch of our being and to have her LovE us back just the same. They'll never be another Eveie, she was one of a kind," she added.

She followed that up with another post showing her and Eveie romping around in a pile of fall leaves.Fans responded with an outpouring of support, with people sending love and prayers to the singer and her family.

Rimes, who is currently on tour, was forced to postpone three of her shows in order to be there for her family. She announced a change in schedule for her shows in New Jersey, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts.

Rimes is not the only celebrity to experience a coyote attack in the area. Jessica Simpson lost her 5-year-old Maltipoo, Daisy, in 2009 when the dog was snatched in front of her while she was in her backyard.

Demi Lovato also lost her pooch, Buddy, after a coyote wandered into her and Wilmer Valderrama's Los Angeles backyard in 2015.

Tori Spelling was a bit luckier when her two dogs were attacked while in her backyard. One was dragged from the yard and taken to a neighboring property where he was "almost killed." Fortunately, a neighbor chased the coyote away and took the dog to an emergency vet, who managed to save his life despite the serious injuries the dog incurred in the attack.

Coyote attacks are not uncommon as humans continue to encroach in areas where coyotes live. Drought and fire often push the animals even further into residential areas as they search for food.