'90 Day Fiance's' Leida Given 4-Year Restraining Order Against Eric's Daughter Tasha

Leida Margaretha, one of the stars of 90 Day Fiance season 6 has had a fraught relationship with her stepdaughter, Tasha Rosenbrook, and now the legal system is involved. Us Weekly reports, Leida has won a restraining order against the 19-year-old which means that she cannot be in close proximity to her step-mother and can't disparage her on social media either.

As Us notes, Leida and Tasha's father, Eric Rosenbrook, got engaged mere days after they first met in person. But she was upset by the fact that Tasha still lived in the apartment that had been sharing with her dad before her arrival. Leida complained that the apartment was a mess when she first arrived and she famously asked Tasha to move out during their stint on the popular TLC show, even though Tasha was on the lease.

Tasha has since revealed that this conversation with Leida tore the relationship she had with her father to shreds. In an Instagram story posted in January, she lamented the way that she's been treated since her father's Indonesian wife entered their lives.

"I can fake a smile. I can fake being friendly. But you know what I can't fake? I can't fake the years, heartbreak, and anxiety attacks," she said. "I can't fake keeping people up at night because I'm so hurt I'm physically SCREAMING as the tears stream down my face."

Eric and Tasha both have conflicting stories about the apartment. As Soap Dirt reports, he claims that he took in Tasha because she needed a place to stay. But Tasha has said that her father was homeless before they lived together.

Tasha and Leida have been feuding on Instagram, Soap Dirt notes, and the teen has said that she wants her new stepmother to be deported. In an Instagram Live session late last year, she accused Leida of harassing her and said that she could use that as grounds to have her sent back to Indonesia. Tasha claims that Leida took her futon mattress while she still lived in the apartment which forced her to sleep on the floor. The teen had mononucleosis at the time.

Tasha has since had her private medical information posted online and she believes that Leida, who she calls her "step-monster" is responsible for the leak.

According to Soap Dirt, late last year to Leida's Instagram account was suspended after several 90 Day Fiance fan accounts complained about profanity-laden posts from her. When asked about the suspension, Tasha said that she thought the ban was "hilarious."