February 9, 2019
Donald Trump Jr. Will Be Indicted Soon, He's Even Telling His Friends To Prepare For It, Per 'Raw Story'

Donald Trump Jr. will be indicted soon, journalist Natasha Bertrand tells HBO's Real Time With Bill Maher. Further, Bertrand claims that Donald Trump's oldest son has known for some time that his number is about to be up, and that he's been telling his friends and associates to prepare for his indictment.

As Raw Story reports, Bertrand, a staff writer for the Atlantic, stopped by HBO's popular political talk show for a panel discussion about the direction the Trump administration is going and, among other things, the expanding Mueller investigation.

Maher asked Bertrand directly which member of the Trump family would be the first to be criminally indicted. Maher thought the top two candidates for the first Trump family indictment, should it ever come, would be earmarked for either Donald Trump Jr. or his brother-in-law, Jared Kushner.

Bertrand thought Don Jr. was the man.

"I think the Don Jr. is in more immediate jeopardy. He has been telling his friends and associates that he expects to be indicted, and he's been saying that for the last couple of months."
It remains unclear, as of this writing, why Bertrand believes that Trump Jr. has been telling his friends and associates that he's going to be indicted soon, and Maher did not ask her any follow-up questions about her assertion.
Bertrand then went on to lay out how and why she thinks Mueller might be preparing an indictment for Trump Jr.
"I think his accounts about the Trump Tower meeting in 2016, his accounts about Trump Tower Moscow and how involved he was in that, could put him in some legal jeopardy there... Mueller has shown no shyness about going after people for lying to Congress."
Bertrand's allegation that Trump Jr. lied to Congress is, as of this writing, just that: an allegation. He has not been tried and convicted of any crimes in any court, and indeed, as of this writing, has not even been charged with any crimes.

However, as Newsweek reports, the evidence seems to suggest that Trump Jr. may have lied to Congress. Specifically, Trump Jr., during a grueling seven-hour session before Congress, repeatedly denied telling his father about a 2016 Trump Tower meeting with Russian agents. However, Trump's former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, has contradicted Trump Jr.'s claim.

Bertrand is not the only pundit to suggest that Donald Trump Jr. is anticipating being indicted and is even telling his friends about it. Fox News' Judge Andrew Napolitano told ABC News the exact same thing.

"I do know that Donald Jr. has told friends he expected to be indicted."