'My 600-lb Life' Star Gideon Yeakley Hospitalized After Collapse

Gideon Yeakley, who appeared in Season 4 of My 600-lb Life, was rushed to the hospital after he collapsed, Starcasm reports. The cause of the fall is still unknown.

His wife Kayleigh broke the news to his fans with a post on Facebook.

"Gideon is at the hospital," she wrote. "He called me at work to come home early because he felt so bad. I talked to him not that long ago and he had passed out and fell in the floor. Poor thing told me he thought he died it happened so fast. They ordered a CT and we will hopefully know more soon. Keep him in your thoughts please."

When Gideon appeared on the popular TLC weight loss show, he weighed 650 pounds -- as a result, he chose to undergo gastric bypass surgery. As Starcasm notes, the weightloss surgery had some negative side effects on his health, as it left him lethargic and unable to find employment. The family was also forced to move so that he could receive the medical care, which put additional strain on the family.

That being said, Gideon was disciplined enough to maintain the strict diet recommended by his doctors. By the end of his appearance on the show, he had lost more than 200 pounds, slimming down to 429 -- losing 34 percent of his original weight.

His subsequent updates were positive, as he revealed that he had been keeping up with his weight loss and looked to be making steady progress.

Months after his stint on the show, he shared that he had lost half of his original starting weight.

In a recent update from Kayleigh, she said that the doctors had found that Gideon had symptoms of internal bleeding. While that sounds worrying, she added that his EKG results were normal, and that blood transfusions and surgery probably would not be necessary.

Kayleigh and Gideon welcomed a new baby in September 2017 and, according to Starcasm, it looked like their new daughter was inspiring him to maintain his weight loss journey. The couple also has an older son named Jonathan, who appeared in Gideon's My 600-lb Life episode.
My 600-lb Life follows morbidly obese Americans who are trying to get their weight under control through surgery and lifestyle changes. The show focuses on their struggles to deal with the huge challenge of losing an enormous amount of weight. Several of the stars have gone on to lose additional weight after their appearances on the show, like Lacey Hodder, who, as the Inquisitr previously reported, recently debuted a trimmed-down figure.