Lindsay Lohan Rocks Swimsuit & Mesh Coverup On Instagram

Lindsay Lohan reflected on her recent vacation with her sister, which she dubbed a "sistermoon," and shared a photo of her leaning on a rock on Instagram. The photo showed Lindsay sporting a swimsuit with a mesh coverup, as she leaned forward and rested her arms and head against the rock. Only her left eye peeked through in the black-and-white photo.

And several days ago, the star shared another post that promoted her show, Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club. The show airs every Monday on MTV. And right before she shared the video, Lohan posted a selfie of herself wearing a chic, all-white suit. The photo was geotagged in Dubai City, and she appeared to go shirtless under the suit. She played with her hair with her right hand, and made kissy lips for the camera.

Plus, she shared an interesting photo at the end of January where she sat in an infinity pool with the ocean in the backdrop. She appeared to be wearing some sort of bodysuit or wet suit, and embellished the picture with images of pink flowers falling down from the sky. The actress-turned-entrepreneur shared encouraging words in the captions.

"No matter what or where we are, we must believe that the future is bright and all we have to do is search inside of our souls. Silence is presence," she noted.

Previously, Lindsay spoke with Into the Gloss about her beauty routine.

"My earliest beauty memory is of Chanel No. 5 because I always think back to that Marilyn Monroe interview when they asked her what she slept in and she said 'Chanel No. 5,'" she admitted.

"And so whenever I think beauty, I think Chanel. But I'm not tied to one brand — I've been getting my makeup done since I was a kid modeling with Ford, so I've been picking up tricks and discovering new products all along the way."
And it's true that Lohan has long been in the entertainment industry, with her newest MTV show being regarded as a sort of comeback into TV. The show follows a cast of VIP hosts that were brought to Mykonos from notable clubs in America. It gives fans a rare peek into Lindsay's life as an entrepreneur, as the drama from the cast predictably gets in the way of the work that needs to be done. The show is likely to stir up more interest in Lindsay's club in Mykonos.