Sommer Ray Flaunts Cleavage As She Goes Shirtless Under Unbuttoned Suit On Instagram

Sommer Ray shared a new video on Instagram that she shot in Beverly Hills, and one of the several outfits she wore included her going shirtless under an unbuttoned suit. The cream-colored suit was a bit baggy on her, as she wore a necklace and accessorized with a pair of sunglasses. She wore her hair down in a heavy left part, as she gave sultry looks to the camera.

The rest of the video showed her in a variety of outfits, including a one-piece striped bikini, just a towel, and a grungy jean jacket. Ray also sported a white lacy dress with curlers made of soda cans. At the end, she posed by a red Ferrari and was filmed behind the driver's wheel.

In addition to the video, she's been busy lately sharing bikini pics and sharing a link to a supplement that she's promoting. She also promoted one of her new track suits that's available for sale, which comes with a light blue crop sweater with black-and-white stripes along with a matching pair of pants.

Plus, Ray's fans may have noticed how she has been sharing more of her goofier videos on her main page instead of sequestering it all on her second Instagram page. This included a new video of her chomping into a huge sandwich, plus another video where she joked around with her mom by biting into her elbow.

With all that being said, Sommer also launched a fitness app last summer that was created with her experience in nutrition and fitness.

"This app is a long time coming," she mentioned to Life and Style Magazine. "It was supposed to come out at New Years and now it's May, I just really need it to be perfect."

"On most apps you have to write what you ate, on mine you can talk into the phone and it'll calculate the calories, the protein, everything. It does the math for you. It's very innovative and I'm very excited to share it with the world. It's workout, it's diet, its tips, it teaches people correct form, it's universal."
And recently, Ray heavily promoted a new "Booty Challenge" that she was offering to anyone who was interested. It's a workout routine program that has two tracks, one for people at the gym and another for people to do at home with minimal equipment. Whatever the case, it's clear that Sommer is working on building an empire for herself, not just on Instagram, but also in fashion and fitness.