'Celebrity Big Brother': Tom Green And Natalie Eva Marie Sent Packing In Double Eviction

The first double eviction of Celebrity Big Brother Season 2 has concluded and two of the viewers' favorite houseguests have been booted from the competition. Friday night saw the elimination of former WWE star Natalie Eva Marie and comedian Tom Green, which was confirmed by Big Brother Daily. Natalie was the first to go after it was shown that Tom had changed up his nominations after winning the Power of Veto. This gave Tom all the power during his Head of Household and he shocked everyone by removing his target, Ricky Williams, from the block and replacing him with Natalie's ride-or-die, Lolo Jones.

A unanimous vote sent Natalie home, which the purple-haired beauty seemed to know was a done deal. Her speech where she is supposed to convince her houseguests to keep her around ended up being a goodbye message and she hugged everyone on their way out the door, other than Tom who she briefly shook hands with.

A new twist was revealed after Natalie's removal, letting the houseguests know a safety competition was about to take place which would prevent the winner from going up on the block. Whoever won the safety competition would not be eligible to win the HOH, however. This meant that Tom could save himself from being a nominee, even though he was the outgoing HOH. Unfortunately for the Road Trip actor, Tamar Braxton took home the victory which guaranteed her safety.

Lolo ended up winning the HOH competition and struggled to nominate two of her roommates. As no surprise, Tom was put on the block first by the Olympian and things got a tad awkward where Lolo continued to admit on live television that she couldn't place anyone next to him. Host Julie Chen reminded Lolo that they were live and she was going to lose her HOH if she didn't promptly pick a second nominee. The bobsledder was clearly choosing between Dina Lohan and Kandi Burruss since Ricky is in her alliance and Tamar was not an option. After a very awkward pause, Kandi was placed on the block.

The Power of Veto competition was Tom's only shot at staying, but he lost to Tamar, who won her second competition of the night. The Braxton Family Values star decided not to use the POV, shocking a few audience members that she didn't save her friend, Kandi. From her speech, it appeared Tamar knew the house would never vote to keep Tom over Kandi and she felt confident leaving her friend on the block.

Her intuition was correct and Tom was also sent packing by a unanimous vote. On his way out of the house, Tamar began dancing around and shouting in cheer as the rest of the roommates gave him their goodbyes. The singer eventually gave Tom a side-hug before he walked out of the door.

The next episode of Celebrity Big Brother airs Monday night at 8 p.m. ET. The live finale will follow on Wednesday night at 8 p.m. ET.