Miley Cyrus Took Liam Hemsworth's Last Name After Wedding

Miley Cyrus has officially dropped her last name. While Miley will likely still continue to use Cyrus as her stage name, her new husband, Liam Hemsworth, recently revealed that legally, she has taken his last name.

According to Us Weekly, during a recent interview on Live! With Kelly & Ryan, Liam Hemsworth opened up about his recent marriage to Miley Cyrus, whom he revealed is now called Miley Ray Hemsworth.

Liam revealed that Miley did take his last name, but that he didn't ask her to, which was a big surprise to him, joking that he got emotional when his new wife wanted to take his name.

As for calling Miley his wife, the actor says that it is starting to become a bit more normal in the weeks since the couple's wedding.

"It's become a little more normal, but the first couple of weeks it was … I mean, it's only been a month and a half, but the first couple of weeks was really foreign to me, with 'wife' and 'husband.'"

As for the wedding, Hemsworth stated that he and Cyrus never wanted to do anything over the top. They wanted something simple with their closest family members to make their union official after years of dating.

"We never wanted to do anything too extravagant or big. We find the whole thing kind of embarrassing. We know how we feel about each other. We just wanted something simple and organic with immediate family," Liam stated.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth first met on the set of the Nicholas Sparks' movie adaptation of The Last Song more than 10 years ago. They began dating, and eventually got engaged.

However, they called it quits for a bit before getting back together and getting engaged for a second time. They've been together ever since, but sources claim that the couple's love really exploded during the devastating wildfires in California that ripped through the state, including their home in Malibu.

One insider tells Radar Online that Miley fell in love with Liam all over again when she watched him step up to help the people in their community who lost their homes.

Cyrus and Hemsworth also lost their own home in the fires. Their Malibu mansion was reduced to ashes. The couple were rumored to be planning to marry in the home, but opted instead to tie the knot at their home in Tennessee.

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