Cindy Crawford’s Daughter Kaia Gerber Flaunts Teal Beach Bikini & Blows A Kiss To A Tiny Turtle

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While Cindy Crawford is an absolute icon in the fashion and modeling industries, it looks like her daughter, Kaia Gerber, may be following closely behind her mother’s footsteps. In her most recent Instagram shot, the brunette beauty shows off a bit of her fun side as she takes in an idyllic beach vacation.

Famous for her svelte physique and her smoldering gaze, Kaia was more interested in showing off her sense of humor in her most recent share. A close-cropped photographic frame captures Cindy Crawford’s daughter as she puckers her lips, apparently intending to deliver a wet smooch to a tiny turtle which she has gripped in her right hand. Rocking an aquamarine or teal bikini with elaborate straps — one which features a plunging neckline that falls out of frame — it’s clear that the nascent model is enjoying her time spent on the sun-drenched shoreline. Her flawless skin, slender arms and shoulders, and naturally beautiful visage are the centerpiece of the snapshot, however.

A stonework tower and a thatched-roof structure can be seen over Kaia’s right shoulder, and a sandy beach and some deep, dark ocean waters lie above her left. Choosing to accessorize the casual yet sexy look with a pair of dark sunglasses propped on top of her chestnut tresses, a pair of brassy hoop earrings in her ear, sculpted brows, a pretty pink lip, and a delicate necklace featuring triangle-shaped pendants, Kaia Gerber put all of the emphasis on her up-close-and-personal encounter with the reptile.

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Ur so pretty???? #kaiagerber

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In the caption of the sunny snap, Kaia gave a shout-out to either the turtle or — perhaps vainly — to herself, though it’s not quite clear which. Her fans were essentially unanimous in their choice for the most “pretty,” giving the award to Kaia.

One fan wrote, “Prettier than rain cake,” followed by a trio of heart-eyed emojis. A second Instagram fan quipped, “@kaiagerber is so soo sooo pretty,” trailed by a star emoji.

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Outtake of #kaiagerber

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Kaia Gerber has been making headlines most recently, per Pop Culture, for her striking resemblance to her famous mother. In a recent Instagram photo, which sees Kaia in a pose and in makeup that makes the resemblance to Cindy Crawford even more evident, Kaia can be seen sitting on a white slatted fold-out chair. Her outfit leaves little to the imagination, and her toned thighs and enthralling brown eyes drew the eye of her most ardent admirers.

One famous fan, Justin Bieber’s wife Hailey Baldwin, couldn’t believe how much Kaia resembled her mom, writing, “Cindy????”