Camille Kostek Flashes A Smile In Latest Instagram Selfie

Camille Kostek may be a highly in-demand model, but she still knows how important it is to take a break and relax. The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model shared a chilled-out selfie on Instagram, offering some sage advice to her nearly 460,000 followers about taking time out for yourself.

In the photo, Kostek is sitting on the beach, with the ocean in the background. She is leaning her head on her hand, and her long blonde hair hangs over her face. The model is beaming at the camera, her natural beauty on full display under minimal makeup. Kostek bundled up for the shot, hiding her enviable figure in a fuzzy light brown jacket, red T-shirt, and black leggings.

Kostek, who is the longtime girlfriend of New England Patriots football player Rob Gronkowski, may know when it’s time to take a break, but that doesn’t mean the busy model is slowing down any time soon. Kostek was on hand for Gronkowski’s latest Super Bowl win, cheering on her man as he went on to his third victory with the Patriots.

Besides being a supportive girlfriend, Kostek has her hands full with her own career. The model recently spoke at Northeastern University in Boston, giving a passionate lecture about success, achieving your goals, and how she learned to love herself and her body in an industry that can be extremely hard on people’s self-image.

In her Instagram Story, the model shared numerous shots from the event — including many from starstruck students — and she was dressed to impress. Kostek wore a black long-sleeved shirt that clung to her famous curves, as well as a chic black jacket to fend off the chilly weather. She finished the look with a pair of loose black leather pants and white high-heeled pumps that added a fun contrast to the otherwise dark ensemble.

As if that isn’t enough, the model is also promoting her new collaboration with Reebok. Kostek has joined with the athletic brand to promote their PureMove Bra, and show off her toned figure at the same time. In the story Kostek shared, she is wearing the gray sports bra, as well as a pair of tight black leggings that cling to her long, lean legs. The model is striking a dance pose in the desert, flaunting her toned abs and strong arms.

And considering how often the model uses the hashtag “NeverNotDancing,” it’s no surprise she’d partner with Reebok. Kostek is famous for randomly dancing in decidedly unexpected places, and considers movement and dance to be a vital part of her well-being.

“Dance was something that came to me before I could even walk or talk,” she said in an interview with Reebok. “Passions aren’t something you have to think about, they’re something you know and feel.”