Buxom Aussie ‘Maxim’ Model Emily Sears Spills Out Of Her Sports Bra While Doing Rooftop Yoga

Australian model Emily Sears knows exactly how to capture — and hold — the undivided attention of her increasingly large fan base on Instagram. Whether it’s in a sports bra, a bikini, or nearly nothing at all, Emily has a body that just won’t quit — and she keeps it that way via her strict diet and exercise regimen.

In a snapshot shared earlier this week, Emily can be seen offering up a warm and genuine smile as she sits on a gray yoga mat, one which matches her form-fitting yoga pants and her skimpy sports bra. A beautiful bit of urban sprawl — peppered with foliage and other assorted greenery — can be seen spreading out in the background to meet the washed out horizon.

In this particular image, Emily is clad in some very revealing workout clothes, with her top, in particular, leaving very little to the imagination. Her ample assets are on full display here, nearly spilling forth from the tight constraints of her top. Resting one elbow on her knee in a decidedly casual pose — and bringing one manicured hand up to rest lightly at her cheek — it appears that the former Maxim model is taking a breather from a particularly strenuous yoga session.

Accessorizing the athletic aesthetic with perfectly sculpted brows, tawny tresses tied up in a messy bun, a bit of smoky eyeliner, and a sheer nude lip, Emily manages to make the sweat-inducing activity look effortless.


In the caption of the image, one which is both inspirational and heavily promotional in equal measure, Emily Sears gave a shout-out to her sponsors, as well as to her most ardent admirers. Telling her fans to engage in self care — the practice of mindfulness and of putting one’s own needs on the to-do list — Emily elaborated a bit on her personal philosophy in a lengthy write-up.

It seems her fans and followers appreciated the effort that she put in, as they awarded the rooftop yoga post with over 67,000 likes in addition to 800-plus comments.

“Your photos makes my heart happy,” one Instagram fan wrote, followed by a heart-eyed emoji. A second user quipped that Emily was, “My one and only favourite model,” followed by a large heart emoji.

Emily Sears has made headline most recently for combating haters in the form of online trolls. Per the Daily Mail, she spent some time in December of 2018 dismissing rumors that she had slept with cricket star Shane Warne.

Engaging in a back and forth over the rumor with a gaggle of trolls seeking to romantically link Sears to the cricketer, eventually the model gave in to her exasperation.

“I swear y’all it never ends… If any of you ever wonder why I get so fed up lol (sic) you have no idea how frustrating this can get,” she wrote.

Hopefully, Emily Sears has a much less stressful 2019.