Virginia Man Arrested After Screening Pornographic Film For Entire Neighborhood

The town of Newport News, Virginia, has a lot of things going for it. As the fifth-most populated city in the state, it’s home to Newport News Shipbuilding, the lone designer, builder and refueler of U.S. Navy aircraft carriers. It is also home to the Virginia Living Museum, a 50-plus-year-old open-air museum which includes an aquarium, science center, aviary, and planetarium.

And last, but not least, the town is home to one particular bizarre citizen, whose penchant for pornography has landed him in a bit of trouble.

As reported by WVEC, a neighborhood in Newport News was subjected to a rather odd screening after one resident took it upon himself to screen an adult film from his garage, projecting it for the viewing pleasure — or displeasure — of his fellow friends and neighbors.

As originally detailed by the Newport News Police Department, an adult film was projected onto the front of a garage door at a house on 79th Street. The incident took place in the evening, at approximately 7 p.m. on Wednesday, February 6.

Shortly after the incident was called in, local law enforcement arrested 41-year-old Antonio Smallwood, who — for whatever reason — chose to share his love for adult films with the rest of his neighbors. Antonio was charged with promoting an obscene sexual display and obstruction of justice without force or threats.

Needless to say, Antonio Smallwood’s neighbors were not exactly pleased with the situation and recounted the incident to WVEC.

“That’s not the reputation we would want to have, having pornography being displayed on a garage door,” said one neighbor.


One of Antonio’s neighbors, Marquita White, was disappointed that the incident took place, explaining that the neighborhood is filled with families, with young children often playing outdoors.

“Very disappointing and very unbelievable that somebody would be that bold to show something like that, openly, in a family neighborhood with kids playing around,” Marquita explained. As WVEC notes, Marquita is just one of many families in the neighborhood that has children.

“My younger one isn’t even in the idea of being talked to about those kinds of things. The fact that she could see it and not even understand what’s happening,” another parent recounted.

As one neighbor recalls, this is not the first time that Antonio has been caught acting bizarrely — in the past, he’s been seen shouting obscenities in public.

“He’d often come out of his house shouting, screaming random things. Two months ago he came out and started a bonfire in his driveway.”