Matthew Whitaker’s Snap At Nadler Generates Intense Twitter Backlash For Acting Attorney General

Chip SomodevillaGetty Images

Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker spent Friday morning testifying in front of the House Judiciary Committee and there were numerous buzzworthy moments throughout the hours of his testimony. While Whitaker resisted answering many questions during the session, a moment where he essentially snapped at Committee Chairman Representative Jerry Nadler generated an especially fierce response from those at the session as well as folks across social media.

As the Inquisitr detailed earlier, early on in the session, Acting Attorney General Whitaker interrupted Committee Chairman Nadler by commenting that Nadler’s five minutes for questioning had expired. Many in the room erupted in loud responses, a mix of gasps and laughter it seems, stunned at Whitaker’s response. Some would say the acting attorney general was a bit defensive as he maintained that he was there voluntarily and that five-minute intervals had been previously agreed upon.

Naturally, Twitter had plenty to say about this stunning moment between Whitaker and Nadler. For example, MSNBC contributor Mike Lupica tweeted about how Whitaker was anxious to stop Nadler’s questioning because his brain was about to run out of batteries. In response, someone else noted that it could be that sweat would start pouring out of Whitaker’s ears beyond the five-minute mark.

Some pointed out that Whitaker did something similar when facing difficult questions later on from Representative Sheila Jackson-Lee. As often happens in these types of situations, some wondered how people would have reacted had former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton replied in that manner during her Benghazi hearings.

Other tweets noted that Whitaker’s response was disrespectful and a shameful display coming from the Department of Justice. There were some who kept it simple by joking that Whitaker should smile more, a reference to how female politicians like Clinton and others are often told to do that very thing.

Another Twitter user framed Whitaker’s snap at Nadler as the perfect example of “white male privilege.” In addition, it was noted that essentially Whitaker is playing to an audience of one, insinuating that he ultimately aims to impress President Donald Trump and nobody else.

As could surely be expected, numerous Twitter users on the right had a different take. Nadler was referred to as a “liberal hack” and some cheered that Whitaker put Nadler and Jackson-Lee “in their place.” Numerous “witch hunt” references also were included in various tweets as Whitaker’s response to the chairman was celebrated.

The tense moment with Nadler came very early on during Whitaker’s testimony, and it wasn’t the only moment generating a lot of buzz across Twitter. It is clear that the acting attorney general is doing things his way throughout this testimony, but some wonder if the approach may later come back to bite him.