'Teen Mom's' Chelsea Houska's Moments Before Giving Birth Revealed In New Clip

Fans of MTV's Teen Mom 2 have been anxiously watching star Chelsea Houska -- and her family -- prepare to add a new baby to the mix of things in the episodes currently airing on the network. Now, a new sneak peek into the next episode shares key moments that viewers will not want to miss.

E! News shares the preview clip into Monday's Teen Mom 2 episode, one that will show Chelsea Houska, husband Cole DeBoer, and their kids welcoming their new family member. The sneak peek shows Chelsea just moments before her new baby arrived, and it's an adorable clip.

The sneak peek starts with Cole driving Chelsea to the hospital while it's still dark out. They note that Aubree is with her mom, and that Cole's parents will meet them at the hospital to take Watson from them. The Teen Mom stars joke about how the baby will be arriving on her birthday, and DeBoer sweetly holds his wife's hand as he drives.

Chelsea goes through a tough contraction while they're pulling up at the hospital, and she says she's feeling emotional as she gets out of the car and gives Watson a kiss goodbye. She even wipes away a tear as she starts to walk into the hospital.

The preview shows a few brief tidbits of Chelsea in her hospital gown, starting to push -- along with early moments of Cole, Aubree, and Watson cooing over baby Layne. While Teen Mom fans who follow Houska via Instagram have already seen plenty of photos of the baby girl over the past few months, watching it all play out via video as it happens is something viewers have been anxious to see.

As the Inquisitr shared last August, Chelsea and Cole did welcome baby girl Layne on Houska's actual birthday. Layne joins Chelsea's daughter Aubree -- whose biological father is Adam Lind -- as well as brother Watson, the first child Houska and DeBoer had together.

The Teen Mom star shared plenty of baby bump updates throughout this third pregnancy of hers, and it comes as no surprise that the family is sharing video from the baby's arrival via the MTV show as well. Previous episodes leading up to Layne's birth have shown the ups and downs of this third pregnancy, and the payoff of the baby's birth is finally on the horizon.

Fans know that many of the Teen Mom franchise stars have lives filled with drama and chaos. Chelsea Houska and her family do tend to stand out from the crowd a bit in that respect -- and viewers love watching Chelsea, Cole, Aubree, Watson, and now Layne together. Baby Layne's arrival will be featured on the MTV episode airing on Monday, February 11, and it looks like it'll be a fantastic show.