Luxury Home With S&M Sex Dungeon Listed For Sale Online, Twitter Can’t Get Enough ’50 Shades Of Maple Glen’

An unusual real estate listing appeared online Thursday for a luxury suburban home in Maple Glen, Pennsylvania, and it didn’t take Twitter users long to spot the listing — because according to a real estate broker’s description on the site, this $750,000 home comes with quite a twist.

“Just keep scrolling through the photos, it gets very fun,” wrote author Jill Filipovic on her Twitter account. But even though the photos reveal the house’s surprise, the actual description gives away the secret.

“’50 shades of Maple Glen.’ One of a kind suburban home with a sexy twist. Full finished walk-out basement w bilco doors, includes a gym or 5th bedroom and also is a private adult sexual oasis,” the description reads. But the real estate broker quickly adds, “It can be converted back to a typical suburban basement.”

The listing had been viewed nearly 500,000 times in the first 19 hours of having been posted, according to the Redfin site.

So what’s the “fun” surprise clearly visible in eight of the 48 photos posted along with the listing for the five-bedroom, two-and-a-half bath home? As Twitter user Dan McQuade, Deadspin editor succinctly described it, “This $750K house for sale in Montco has a bunch of S&M gear in the photos.”

“I thought the gear in this house listing was going to be hidden in corners or whatever, but nope,” wrote Columbia Journalism Review writer Mathew Ingram on Twitter. “Multiple photos show full-on S&M torture dungeon setup in the basement.”

“Well, THAT answered my question of ‘is that a piece of exercise equipment? Or…?'” wrote another Twitter user, Jen Purcell.

The house is listed as being sold as “furnished,” meaning that the S&M sex dungeon would come pre-installed, presumably along with the whips, chains, and other sexual fetish implements seen hanging on the wall on either side of the bed in the listing photos. Why a buyer would be attracted by the prospect of re-using the previous owner’s sexual accessories was not made clear.

But as some Twitter users noticed, the house is also available for short-term AirBnB rental, where it is described as a “villa,” as well.

The entire 5,029 square-foot villa is available for $750 per night on the AirBnB vacation rental site, or “$2000 a night on the weekends for private parties or entertainment,” according to the listing on

Whether or not the immense amount of viral interest in the home will translate to a speedy sale remains unclear.