Plus-Size Supermodel Ashley Graham Flaunts Sparkly Bikini And Stretch Marks On Instagram

Dia DipasupilGetty Images for Lifetime

While there are plenty of celebrities who have always advocated for body positivity and inclusivity, there’s perhaps no one more famous than plus-size supermodel Ashley Graham. The buxom brunette has been turning heads and dropping jaws with her sizzling social media snapshots, and if her latest post is anything to go by, she’s showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Anyone who has taken a look at the Nebraska-born model’s latest Instagram post may have done a double take, but rest assured, there’s nothing wrong with your eyesight. Indeed, there definitely seems to be something in the water.

In this particular photo, Ashley Graham can be seen standing in front of an unidentified body of water. Those who look at the edges of the picture may notice a few misplaced shadows and black spots. While it has yet to be confirmed – Graham’s post lacks any sort of geotag which could be used to discern where the photo was taken – there’s a chance this particular picture was taken in front of a green screen, especially when you look at the water Graham is standing in front of.

Indeed, the water in the backdrop is filled with glitter, which has been carefully placed to match the waves and crests of the water. It’s highly unlikely that whoever was involved with the photoshoot would actually use glitter to spice up the scene, so there’s a good chance this picture was touched up and Photoshopped.

Of course, that shouldn’t detract attention from Graham herself. The brunette bombshell rocked a rather sparkly bikini for this particular photo. Her choice in outfit hugs her curvy hips in all the right places and shows off her ample assets and cleavage.

Ashley can also be seen wearing what looks like glitter arm and leg bands. In fact, these bands are being used to cover up stretch marks – Graham alludes to this in the photo’s caption, thanking Sara Shakeel for her work.

Shakeel is an award-winning artist who created an art project called Glitter Stretch Marks. As reported by Cosmopolitan, the Instagram artist uses glitter and other decorative material to draw over stretch marks and other skin conditions.

“Recently, she’s used her artistic abilities to transform stretch marks in a powerful series she posted on her Instagram,” Cosmopolitan wrote. “The dentist-turned-artist added images of gold glitter, a blue galaxy, and shiny crystal to photos of actual stretch marks. The results are stunning.”

“The series has received an incredible response from her followers because Sara takes what society perceives as “imperfections” as showcases them actual, flawless art,” the article noted.

Ashley Graham’s Instagram followers have offered up similar praise. At the time of writing, her latest post has racked up over 235,000 likes and over 1,000 comments, despite only being live for a little over four hours. Commenters praised Graham’s photo for her message of body positivity, and for helping others overcome their own issues with self-esteem.

“You are a hero of mine! What you have done for my [sic] and alot of others self esteem and self worth is amazing. Thank you!!” one user wrote.