Terry Crews Clears Up His Liam Neeson Statement

Michael LoccisanoGetty Images

Earlier this week, Terry Crews came under fire for seemingly defending Liam Neeson’s recent confession of racial prejudice. He penned a series of tweets that seemed to praise the actor for sharing his “fork in the road,” and many followers responded to Crews expressing disappointment. Now, the actor would like to clarify his statement.

The 50-year-old actor told Entertainment Tonight at the Spotify Presents the Best New Artist 2019 Party on Thursday that he was not at all defending Neeson’s actions.

“I was just saying that basically he was looking back at his life and the fork in the road was that, ‘Hey, he could have been a basic racist [supremacist] kind of guy,'” Crews said. “That was my point. It was more of an observation of what was going on and people mistook it as I was giving him a pass.”

Neeson faced backlash earlier this week when he revealed during an interview with Britain’s Independent that he once had a primal urge to seek revenge for a friend who had been raped. His first question had been to ask his friend “what color” his attacker was. The Irish actor said he then went to predominantly black neighborhoods carrying a weapon and “hoping I’d be approached by a black b****** so that I could kill him.”

Neeson has since been called out on social media for his racist approach to the incident and faced consequences including the red carpet event for his latest film Cold Pursuit being canceled. The actor has also spoken further on the matter, clarifying that he is “not a racist.”

Many Twitter users who are condemning the actor have pointed out that he specifically asked for the skin color of the attacker above other descriptors like height, hair color, or build, which “speaks volumes” about his true thoughts on the matter, according to Insider.

After seeing the story, Crews tweeted that “every person on earth is capable of the greatest good, or unspeakable evil,” which many followers perceived as giving Neeson a pass.

Fellow celebrities, such as Wale, replied to the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star to tell him that “Liam is trash.”

Crews further clarified in his interview with ET that he, too, has committed questionable acts and has fallen victim to them. However, he feels that the only way to move on from these incidents is for the accused to hold themselves accountable and for others to forgive.

“Forgiveness and accountability go hand in hand,” Crews said.