‘General Hospital’ Teaser: Ryan Freaks Out After Ava Stands Up To Him [Spoilers]

Craig SjodinABC Press

Ava Jerome may be finally getting a clue on ABC’s General Hospital. Thursday’s show sure had a lot packed in. As viewers witnessed, Franco has been arrested for attacking Lulu Falconeri and everyone in Port Charles is rallying against him. That is except for Elizabeth, and possibly Ava. She was stunned to learn that he was under suspicion for murdering Kiki, but she was actually more stunned after “Kevin” confessed to knowing that Franco had these tendencies leading up to killing her daughter.

The scenes were powerful and gave Ava a tiny glimpse into how dark Ryan could be. She doesn’t even know the half of it. General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central indicates that Ava will try to make sense of things that are happening right now. She doesn’t understand how Franco could possibly kill Kiki when she was like a daughter to him. As seen on Thursday, she also doesn’t quite understand why “Kevin” would keep this from her.

Ava was so upset with him for keeping that information from her that she lashed out at him. He ended up grabbing her arm while subtly threatening her. She was not having that at all. She stood up to him telling him to let go of her. Ryan then tried to smooth things over, but Ava was mad at that point. Before she walked out the door, she told him that she didn’t like him very much right now.

She is the reason that Ryan killed Kiki in the first place and now he is freaking out. General Hospital spoilers say that he will claim another victim soon, and it looks like it will be someone else that is close to Ava. A recent report by the Inquisitr suggests that the next victim is likely Griffin Munro. The unconfirmed rumor is that actor Matt Cohen will be leaving his role and that he will die by the same fate as Kiki.

By what viewers saw at the end of Thursday’s show, it appears that this is where it is headed. Ava turned to Griffin after her fight with “Kevin” and Ryan saw them embracing. He is going off the deep end and everyone could be a target now, even Ava. She will soon learn that she has been sleeping with the devil all along.

General Hospital fans have expressed that they are ready for this storyline to be over with. They are also hoping that it’s Ava who will stop Ryan Chamberlain permanently when she finds out that he is the serial killer. Keep watching to see what develops.