Kaley Cuoco Sizzles In Lingerie Snap From ‘Big Bang Theory’ Set

Larry BusaccaGetty Images

Kaley Cuoco turned up the heat for her 4.8 million Instagram followers when she shared a very sultry behind-the-scenes snap of herself rocking blue and black lingerie while standing behind her co-star, Johnny Galecki.

The steamy snap featured Cuoco showing a lot of skin as she sizzled in a black and blue bra and a multi-layered frilly short blue skirt. With her body contorted at a bit of a weird angle, her revealing ensemble put her toned abs, long legs, and trim frame on full display.

The actress had one finger playfully pointed toward her co-star with her lips puckered up and a seductive gaze in her eyes.

Galecki flaunted a lot less skin in the snapshot from the set of last night’s episode of Big Bang Theory.

Johnny donned a vibrant mustard yellow long-sleeve jacket with a graphic tee underneath that was paired with dark pants and tennis shoes. The actor had his eyes squinted and his hands placed across his stomach as if he’s either hungry or uncomfortable in the current scene. Given Kaley’s sultry ensemble, fans were pretty split on which emotion he was feeling.

In the caption of the photo, the 33-year-old bombshell teased that she wore lingerie during the entire episode. Unfortunately, she busted a lot of hopeful bubbles when she later revealed she only wore lingerie for a single scene.

According to Fox News, the actresses’ social media following wasted no time reacting to the photo as it pulled in just shy of 300,000 likes within five hours of being posted on Instagram.

Posted just 17 hours ago, the playful sultry snap has now accumulated just shy of 400,000 likes and a little over 1,500 comments. Unsurprisingly, her followers had nothing but good things to say after they finished wiping the drool from their chins.

“I have no objection to you wearing that for the remainder of the season,” one individual jested in the comment section.

A second questioned: “Does David have a tummy ache?”

The closest thing the actress saw in the way of negative comments on the photo was a few people putting a great deal of attention on her unusually pale white feet. A few, however, were quick to point out the actress likely just wears socks and shoes a lot.

Some mentioned how lucky her co-star was to spend time with her while she was dressed like that. A few Galecki fans even said they would have loved to see him donning a similar ensemble.

Most of those who took the time to comment also expressed that they weren’t ready to see the series come to an end.

As Fox News reminds us the actress shared in the fans shock and disappointment as she admitted to having a willingness to continue to do the series for another “20 years.”