NY College Student Kills Mom & Calls School Friends To Help Dispose Of Her Body, Police Allege

Jared Eng, a 22-year-old college student, allegedly killed his mother in her New York City apartment and then called some college pals to help him dispose of her body. Eng and his mother, Paula Chin, had a disagreement about whether or not he should move out of her Tribeca apartment and the fight ended with Chin's throat being slit.

The Daily Beast reports that Eng, a student at SUNY New Paltz, allegedly slit his mother's throat last Thursday, according to the Manhattan prosecutors. Next, the 22-year-old called his college girlfriend Caitlyn O'Rourke, 21, and reportedly confessed that his mother, Chin, "took a while to die" before he and another university friend, 18-year-old Jennifer Lopez, could move the mother's body into her SUV.

Eng doesn't have a license, so he called Lopez to help him drive the body to the family's weekend home in New Jersey. The alleged killer called his girlfriend to ask for her help in disposing of Chin's body, says the prosecutor at Eng's arraignment.

"He stated that he and his mother argued about him moving out."

Additional evidence shows that the next day, the three students went back to New Jersey, put the mother in a garbage bag, and put the bag into the garbage container.

Caitlyn O'Rourke confessed to police that they then washed the bloody clothes from the New York apartment at the Morristown, New Jersey, home.

Brandon Eng, Chin's other son, says that he's devastated by the death of his mother.

"I am in shock and disbelief," Brandon Eng said." I can't believe the last time I saw my mom was the day she died. Honestly, I don't know what to believe and my family is hoping for some privacy at this time."

Chin's body was found in the curbside trash in Morristown on Tuesday, leading to all three SUNY New Paltz students being charged on Wednesday. Initially, all three were charged with tampering with physical evidence and concealing a human corpse; prosecutors believe Eng's charges will soon be changed to murder.

Eng is being held without bail, O'Rourke is being held on $50,000, and Lopez's bail is $100,000.

O'Rourke's attorney, Sarah Kaufmann, says that her client didn't have anything to do with the death of Chin.

"There is no suggestion that my client had anything to do with a more serious crime. This woman is a young person in a terrible situation."

Eng admitted to having an argument with his mother, but says he didn't harm her, and only drove back and forth to New Jersey to retrieve his coin collection.

Police say that between video of the body being transported out of the Tribeca apartment and text messages between Eng and Lopez, their picture of what happens doesn't match up with Eng's story.