Betting Site Will Let You Bet On Whether Or Not Trump Will Call Roger Stone A Liar On Twitter

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U.S. President Donald Trump has a long history of attacking people who don’t agree with him and openly speak out against him over Twitter. Usually without any actual facts, instead going for personal attacks, he also enjoys first calling them liars.

The president’s habit has become so commonplace that one betting site is even taking bets on whether or not Trump will snap to call Roger Stone a liar, according to Sports Betting Dime.

Stone, who was an adviser to Trump, is just the latest in a string of indictments as part of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the Trump campaign’s affiliation with Russia in 2016. He was arrested when the FBI raided his house two weeks ago.

Since his arrest on January 25, Stone has made all sorts of claims, which include conspiracy theories, complained that he won’t be given a fair trial, and criticized the judge hearing the case.

He faces seven charges, all of which he has pleaded not guilty to: One count of obstruction of an official proceeding, five counts of false statements, and one count of witness tampering. Stone has further stated he will not be giving any testimony to Mueller or his investigation regarding the president.

Roger Stone at 'Watergate: The Long View panel during Politicon
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MyBookie is now allowing people to place bets on whether or not the president will lash out at Stone over Twitter, something he has done with previous subjects of indictments related to his campaign. So far, it appears as if the odds are in favor of Trump not attacking Stone on the social media site.

Odds that the president will call Stone a liar are sitting at +300, while odds he won’t are sitting at -500.

Trump has also said that he hasn’t been considering a presidential pardon for Stone, saying that his former adviser seems to be handling himself quite well so far.

There also doesn’t appear to be much need for Trump to attack Stone yet. Despite the charges he’s facing, Stone seems steadfast in his decision not to snitch on Trump. His history also seems to indicate that he will likely stick to that decision, having previously continued to support people despite criminal convictions proving they aren’t as innocent as he would like to believe.

In the meantime, a federal judge has warned Stone that he may place a federal gag order on him.

“This is a lynching. This is a legal lynching of me,” Stone said of the threat.

It hasn’t stopped him from continuing to complain about his indictment and the continued investigation into him and his dealings.