Michael Jackson’s Former Maid Says He Was A Pedophile, She Would Find Little Boys’ Underwear In His Jacuzzi

Vince BucciGetty Images

The sexual assault allegations against the late Michael Jackson continue to pour in.

Most recently, Jackson’s former maid, Adrian McManus, spoke out against the pop star in an interview with the Daily Mail. McManus worked as a maid at the singer’s famous Neverland Ranch for four years and she’s now coming forward with new allegations about Michael and the behaviors that she witnessed when she worked for him.

In addition to admitting to seeing Jackson have multiple young boys in his bedroom, McManus also says that she saw Michael in the jacuzzi with youngsters on multiple occasions.

“Michael would have his underwear floating in the water and the little boys’ underwear floating in the water together. If they weren’t floating in the water, they were outside on the floor around the Jacuzzi. So I would find stuff like that.”

McManus also says that Jackson would hold the boys’ hands and kiss them and some of the boys would even fight for his love. According to the former maid, it was a very strange environment that she used to work in. Additionally, she claims to have found tampons and vaseline throughout Jackson’s house, most frequently in his bedroom.

And McManus dropped another bombshell during the tell-all. She believes that Michael filmed his sexual encounters with the young boys and put them on VHS tapes. Though she doesn’t have physical proof of the videos, she says that she definitely believes that they were sex tapes that could have landed the troubled pop star in prison.

Adrian also claims that Jackson made her laminate photos of naked babies from time to time. The maid says that she listened to Michael and did the tasks that he asked of her simply because that was her job at the time.

“I didn’t question it, because he was my boss and you just do what you’re supposed to do, but I would wonder.”

And the latest interview comes amid reports that Jackson’s body may be exhumed. As the Inquisitr recently reported, there are 11 new allegations against the late pop star and now his body could be exhumed so they are able to try and match DNA and see if the allegations are indeed true.

“There are at least 11 new victims who claim they were molested and even raped by Jackson when they were between the ages of 7 and 14 — and the list is growing,” a source shared.

The Jackson scandal is just now being talked about more after Wade Robson and James Safechuck showed their documentary series Leaving Neverland at Sundance. Robson claims that he was sexually assaulted by Jackson when he stayed with him at Neverland Ranch but was told that his future career would be ruined if he told anyone what happened.

It will be interesting to see how everything ends up panning out.