Ariel Winter Shows Off Her Long Legs In Sultry Instagram Post

Lauren Saccone

Ariel Winter took to Instagram on Thursday with a shot that had her 3.9 million viewers talking, one showing off her long legs and famous curves to full effect. The Modern Family star shared the snap, which was taken from her interview with Schon Magazine, and earned over 18,000 likes in very short order.

In the shot, Winter is lying on the floor of what appears to be a dance studio. She is staring intently at the camera, with her arms raised around her head. Her long, toned legs are raised, and one bare foot touches the mirrored wall opposite her. Winter has her long dark hair tied up in a ponytail, which frames her face as she lies on the hardwood floor. Her makeup is simple and understated, as Ariel seems to be going for a natural look -- one with just a splash of soft pink lip gloss.

For the shoot, Winter is wearing a nude-colored pair of short shorts that show off her pert behind and shapely legs. She wears a bulky white sweatshirt as well, one which is pulled up slightly to hint at a green shirt underneath. She shows the slightest flash of her toned abs.

In the lengthy interview with Schon Magazine, the actress opened up about a number of topics, including her hit television series and her own highly publicized struggle with weight and body image issues. Growing up as a child star, Winter was constantly attacked online for her curvy frame -- and the actress said the impact of that stays with her to this day.

Despite her hardships, the actress, 21, is looking forward to the future -- and feeling more confident than ever. She even poked fun at her online haters on her birthday back in January, cheerfully chowing down on pizza to celebrate her special day after critics slammed her for looking too thin in a recent post.

Meanwhile, the actress is gearing up for Season 11 of Modern Family. The series will end its highly successful run in 2020.