Florida Commissioner Accused Of Licking Faces And Grabbing Genitals Has Resigned

If you’re a fan of perusing odd news on the internet, there’s a good chance you’ve run into the ever-popular Florida Man meme, which usually centers on bizarre and unusual crimes that took place in the state of Florida.

While most Florida Man reports have typically centered on the strange antics of male Floridians, the occasional article will cross the gender gap by focusing on a female. One such report is focused on a rather odd topic — Florida politics.

As reported by CBS17, Nancy Oakley, a Madeira Beach city commissioner, has resigned amidst allegations that she licked a former city manager’s face. Oakley, who denies that any such incident took place, was also accused of grabbing the aforementioned manager’s genitals. Oakley’s resignation comes just weeks after avoiding a recall election, as detailed by the Miami Herald.

The Florida Commission on Ethics issued a report last week, which determined their findings into the alleged incident. The commission found probable cause supporting the allegation that Nancy Oakley violated state law as a result of “exhibiting inappropriate behavior” toward other government employees.

The allegations were backed up by “overwhelming testimony” from several witnesses, all of whom claim that Oakley — who was intoxicated at the time — sexually harassed former City Manager Shane Crawford during the King of the Beach Fishing Tournament, which was held in November of 2012.

Witnesses recount how Oakley licked Crawford’s face and touched him inappropriately by grabbing his genitals.

“She would grab your genitalia and then lick you from your Adam’s apple, up across your face. And it just wasn’t a pleasant issue and she did that to show dominance,” Crawford recalled.

At the time, Shawn Crawford chose not to report the incident, as he feared that he would lose his job out of retribution. However, when Oakley filed for re-election in 2017, he chose to file a formal complaint.

Crawford’s allegations were not only backed up by witness testimony from other government employees but from regular citizens. Tom Verdansky, president of the Old Salt Fishing Foundation — an organization which sponsored the 2012 King of the Beach Fishing Tournament — was one of many who caught a glimpse of Oakley’s inappropriate actions. Furthermore, Verdansky alleges that he was also approached by Oakley, who not only licked his face but licked the faces of other volunteers at other fishing events.

While commissioner Nancy Oakley has resigned from her post, she could not be reached by the Miami Herald for comment.