Twitter Brutally Mocks Melania Trump For Only Wearing One Glove To SOTU

Chip SomodevillaGetty Images

The State of the Union address on Tuesday night created many talking points. From President Donald Trump pointing the finger at Democrats for the lack of a border wall, to falsely claiming that immigrants are to blame for the murder of many Americans, to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s rather condescending clap at the president.

Of course, first lady Melania Trump was fair game as well. Melania was dressed in a black Burberry coat, and a pair of black leather gloves. She removed her right glove in order to shake the hands of certain guests, leaving her walking around with just a single glove for most of the event. Twitter jumped on this strange anomaly, and tweets about the first lady came pouring in, according to Sputnik News.

The $2,390 coat appeared to have a military style to it with gold buttons centered down the front. She kept her glove-less hand stiffly poised at her side, only adding to the military feeling. It also stood in stark contrast to the pure white worn by the Democratic women, who all wore white in solidarity with the suffragettes.

The twittersphere felt that she should either have removed both gloves or put the right glove back onto her hand after she had completed the formal handshakes. Instead, she stood there with just the one glove on, leading to plenty of questions from Twitter users.

“Melania, what are you hiding under your one glove?” one person wrote.

Of course, the pop culture references poured in as well.

“BUT Melania’s rocking the single Dr. Strangelove glove!” one user wrote. Another added, “Melania’s one-black-glove-look is *very* Nicolas Cage in Moonstruck.”

Another person accused her of copying Luke Skywalker’s look with her one-glove routine.

Other people saw a clear Michael Jackson reference in the first lady’s single glove. Of course, this meant that Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, who was recently accused of blackface in his attempts to look like Michael Jackson, was brought into it as well.

“Melania with a respectful tribute to Michael Jackson, only wearing one glove, not blackface. That’s how it’s done,” one person wrote.

There were also supporters of the first lady, who slammed people for taking such an interest in Melania’s glove situation.

Interestingly, while the Democratic women all wore white to send an important message about women’s rights, the first lady seemed to make a pointed effort to wear exactly the opposite. This also stands in stark contrast to the white outfit that she wore last year to the same event.