David Beador Storms Out Of Court After Judge Denies Request To Lower Child Support

Michael KovacGetty Images

Their divorce may be final but the drama between Shannon and David Beador still rages on.

Earlier today, the former couple appeared together in court and after a number of things did not go David’s way, he stormed out of the building. The reality star’s first request was asking the judge to not allow Shannon to drink alcohol eight hours before or anytime when her daughters were present. However, the request was shut down by Judge James L. Waltz, who said it was illegal to prohibit her from consuming alcohol.

“I will make an order that neither you nor Shannon shall be impaired during your parenting time, but as for consumption of alcohol, you are free,” the judge said according to Radar Online. “We live in America and you are free to consume alcohol wherever you want. You can even get in a car after consuming alcohol.”

The judge also asked the pair to come back to court in two months where they could discuss David’s request to lessen his child support payments but that didn’t stop Beador from commenting on it. Since David now has 50 percent custody of their three kids, as opposed to the 85 percent that he had last year, he thinks that he should not have to pay $22,500 a month to Shannon for child support.

David told the judge that the money aspect of the divorce is “destroying” their children and also pointed out that Shannon is raking in about $900,000 a year between her frozen food business and her role on the Real Housewives of Orange County. David also surprisingly told the judge how proud he was of his ex-wife for doing so well financially.

“Mrs. Beador, God bless her, she’s doing amazingly well. I’m so proud of her. She’s doing fantastic. She’s making a ton of money.”

But after that, the father of three said that there is no reason why he should still be paying his wife such a hefty amount each month, especially because his financial statements are unclear. And the court accountant also seemed to side a little with David. Though he said he needed more time to go through David’s financial statements, he said that it is possible that David is overpaying in child support since David’s income fluctuates so much. Before storming out of the court, Beador called the support “unjust” and “unreasonable.”

“Had I been able to present today, I would show the half-truths that have gone on in this trial. I’m clearly not going to have that option,” he said. “I can tell you it is 100 percent and it will be shown, in spite of Mr. Phillips’ suggestion otherwise, that it was unjust and unreasonable.”

The couple is expected to go to trial in the next two months or so to continue to duke things out. According to the publication, the trial should last for about four or five days.